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  • Hey, Neil.
    Do you have the power to check games? While playing WOTM49, a power shortage happened when I was 1 AD. Can you check after I play one turn to see if I recreated the moves correctly?
    Not at all. :) I would have kept the conversation going, but it was late (and I really did have to get up for work), and I didn't want to annoy my team mates. Sorry if you took my departure as me being upset. You are welcome to mock my play whenever you like. :D
    I know that, but I wish to unmask AI's personality and the original save at turn 0 is best because the worldbuilded version, when starting a new game, randomizes each time personalities, making impossible to retrace the ones in the real SGOTM.

    The starting files with which we started the game are HoF protected, so I wonder if you still have the original (if not already wrapped into HoF mod).

    Oh, if you understand nada about what I am talking about, my last post in my team thread explains it all...nyaa~~~
    Hi Tachy, you can download the WB save from here.

    Put the save in your WorldBuilder Saves directory, start civ and select the option 'Play a scenario'. You should see SGOTM in the list, and you can play with or without whatever mods you like.
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