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    Resources constantly in view (idk why)

    Traxx: I have the same specs on my Mac. Not sure what you mean by 'crashing', but my comp got overheated and therefor the whole machine just froze. Solution was to buy myself an external cooler tray with fans. Now the game just works.
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    Civ designers know little about the Earth

    Fallacy 1 - Some players assume that civ designers are illiterate in science for making a game and not a real world simulation. Myth 0 - Those players all suffer from Asbergers and cannot drop the topic even after being informed that the game is not a real world simulation. Such flaming is not...
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    Very useful barbs

    Done proper the deal should be cancelled deal, but you should have that resource locked until the trade agreement is over.
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    Are Pikemen useful?

    I build one single pikeman if my warrior does not get to a ruine that makes it into a spearman I can promote. What I have found is that a pikeman can assert zone of control in an army if my opponent have horses. I have found that the AI is bit more careful when I have a pikeman around. But I...
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    How many victories are enough?

    The correct answer is: 42
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    Best and Worst Civs for victory conditions.

    smallfish: I figured so much. India must be hard when you go over king? Like playing India on a tundra start or England on a landlocked map. It is not really a challenge; - It just sucks. On the other hand no civ was designed for settler or deity level. If you move too far from prince/king...
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    A New Era.

    Looking forward to a non fried disk story! Your writing skillz are amazing!
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    Railroad bonus and cities on different continents ?

    Also, this one is fun:
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    What is your typical army organization ?

    Playing Japan on King level now. All you need is 4 samurais and a great general. Took 7 cities with those guys. Upgraded to riflemen now and are still kicking ass. Gave them all the healing promotion and while they can kill while damaged, as a team they are back into action really fast. I am...
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    Lately I've just grown really annoyed at how bad the AI is at war...

    I think PhilBowles reply was superb taking the time reading all that he wrote. I have faith in G&K. They said they focused a lot on naval warfare for G&K. That surely will have an impact on land based warfare as well. While I am professional programmer I am not an expert in coding an AI for a...
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    Railroad bonus and cities on different continents ?

    What I totally liked when starting my first CiV game (coming from CIV BTS) was how they changed roads and railroads. I liked that I didn't have to connect resources with roads, and then got shocked on how expensive roads are early in the game. Took a while until I learned the citysize<->tiles...
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    Best and Worst Civs for victory conditions.

    NotSure: Idiocracy is a great movie. =) I have had huge success playing India. Depends on where you start, but once you get your population growing you are unstoppable. And all victory conditions are on the table late in the game. But as of yet no-one have mentioned difficulty levels. India...
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    Why upset for European Civs?

    As a Swede I found it mildly amusing in CiV where you could build the ABBA wonder for One Hit Albums. That was wicked. =) But while Sweden was a major superpower back in the days, I really don't see how it qualifies as a Civ. In Swedens golden era it was the poorest region in Europe, and when...
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    Workers Terraforming.

    Just read the thread so far. So many good ideas I don't know where to begin. I start with what FeiLing and CYZ wrote. FeiLing thought 75 turns was a very long time. But maybe it could start in ancient era as being so darn expensive in time that you prolly won't start terrforming until much...
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    Foreign Trade Routes

    Oh so you decided that? Are you an executive producer in the game design team? Jokes aside. I also found that the lack of foreign trade routes makes the game 1 dimensional. In CIV BTS you could covet your neighbors cities but come to the conclusion that the trade generated was more valuable...
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