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May 17, 2022 at 4:22 PM
Mar 27, 2010
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Nexxo was last seen:
May 17, 2022 at 4:22 PM
    1. chagela
      Hallo. Could you update links for Ancient World scenario?
    2. Civnutplayer
      Thanks, Nexxo. I think I understand what you're saying in your post. After so many days since I downloaded and installed WinRAR, those pop-up messages would start appearing, telling me I have only xx days remaining on my 40 day free trial use.

      Anyway, I found the info I was asking everyone I knew here on Civfanatics: what is the main site where a person who wants to keep WinRAR beyond the 40 day trial period by paying the $35.00 or so? I went via Wikipedia, and they have a link to the main web site. from that link, I can then pay one of those "dealers" (whatever that means) with either a bank card or PayPal.

      As I don't get money in my bank account until Friday 2 March, I have to wait about 24 hours to check it out. But then I'll have WinRAR, at least for this computer, and I'll be able to download and extract both scenarios and user-made maps for CIVs III & IV (which I also own).

      Thanks for the helpful post,
    3. Civnutplayer
      Nexxo, thanks for suggesting I download WinRAR to use to extract all the files for your WWII -- European Front scenario. As I've told you, it worked great, once I followed you instructions. The copy of WinRAR I downloaded and installed is only a 40 day free trial copy. And I don't get this at all, but I cannot figure out from WinRAR's web site how to pay for the software giving me a permanent EULA use of the program.

      The "about" dialogue claims the site links to (? secondary partys ?) who will accept bank card or maybe even PayPal payment so I can get the code to unlock permanent use of the EULA, rather than have this pretty cool-looking program die next month.

      Can you suggest any sites where I can pay for this program? I've never had to ask such a question in my computer using life, so that is why I am so baffled. Most of these free-lancers are very happy to get paid for their work, thank you very much. What's with this German guy?

      Hope you can help,
    4. smirnoff
      Do you use Msn ? or not really lol if it' ok to add you unless you use very rarely
    5. smirnoff
      you don't have Xfire just a simple curiosity by me :)
    6. The Guardian
      The Guardian
      Nexxo were you able to DL the files?
    7. The Guardian
      The Guardian
    8. The Guardian
      The Guardian
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