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  • Hello,
    I'm a Christian (as you can see in my sig). Can you invite me to the Social Club? Also, could you invite me to the CCC? Thanks!
    It appears aimmee left because Quackers was a real monster to her in the asexuality thread. I don't know what was said but it was apparently really bad.
    Then why on earth let it continue! Say its not a threat! Say its not!

    Seriously though, the Ayollatah Santorum joke was from one of my favorite libertarian philosophers, Tom Diolorenzo but in all seriousness I don't actually think theocracy is the big threat to our country right now, from Christians or Muslims (I seriously doubt Santorum is "Christian" but I'm disgressing). Empire is.
    When the crap was Sharia Law ever a threat to this country? Unless you're thinking Ayollatah Santorum. Which the army will not protect us from:p
    I'm guessing I disappointed you with my vote on my own thread on the US troops;) I don't see how you can say "Yes" anymore though. I can see why you would have said that in 1941, I can see why at one time you could say we were doing so in Afghanistan (Although I would only partially agree that we were defending our freedoms in 1941 and would disagree that we ever defended our freedoms in Afghanistan) but how the crap can you argue that what we're doing now is for our freedom?

    I'm not going to argue with the soldier-worshippers (Can't name them publicly, but you know who they are) or the progressives (Who, ideologically, should support spreading democracy through arms anyway) but I'm genuinely curious how you can defend the actions the US soldiers are being ordered to take now is defending our freedom.
    There was a really great one about a felon imprisoned on an asteroid with a fembot. It's great. Not seen too many others. The ones I have issue with are not bad themselves, just the acting.
    Also, I watched some episodes of the Twilight Zone recently. The premise is great, but some of th episodes suffer from really terrible (over)acting. It can be bad enough at times to make me cringe.
    You might be interested in a geopolitical set of forum games known as IOT, yes? There is two you may have interest in: IOT: Great Journeys and Fight and Don't Die!, the former is a space based one, the later is on Earth with your own nation to be taken up at your own vision.
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