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Jul 14, 2020
Oct 12, 2011
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Jul 14, 2020
    1. chasbolt
      Hi Nighthawk, FYI in case you don't check the 18 website; Hi Guys, I've taken 9 turns since Dec 1, 2015 and its been 6 weeks since my last one. I've enjoyed this but we're moving to Florida in 4 weeks and I'm done trying to play in a timely manner as I lose interest with the gaps and etc, etc, etc. I'm posting for a replacement. If no replacement shows in the next couple of weeks I'll become an AI before I move. I've enjoyed my Fanatic Life; time to turn the page. Maybe return someday but for now :hatsoff:
    2. VGL
      Hi.please join my Iranian story.we currently re started and if you want a position,you can change someone or wait for a new province to open once i capture "Kingdom of Pakistan".
    3. kenwyn
      Greetings & Happy Holidays to game leader of the very interesting "TriCiv" PBEM.
      I've just posted a request rules call (violation IMHO) on the game thread.
      I am not taking my Germ/Russ/Jap turn until we sort out (& reverse, IMHO) gifting of city to a civ on the verge of elim.
      We/i await a decision.
    4. kenwyn
      Hello gamemaster for the excellent TriCiv game.
      After researching the how-to's, I'm following your suggestion about starting a new similiar game.
      I'm up here to post it & start a thread of interest. Like to "advertise" on your current game if OK with U?
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