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Dec 5, 2020 at 8:19 PM
Apr 4, 2010
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    1. MartinLuther
      I must see this video your are speaking of.
    2. Omega124
      I like it, but Metro City is Lec's creation so you should clear it with him first.
    3. Omega124
      "Ninjacow64: Anyway, Omega, we should do a crossover in WYOS at some point"

      The point of WYOS is that it's all one story. If it's a "corssover", that kind of defeats the point because it implies all of our storylines are separate.

      However, as for actually a story together, HECK YES WE SHOULD DO THAT :p
    4. MartinLuther
      Yup, System of a Down. I hate that band.
    5. MartinLuther
      Your signature, I love it.
    6. Ailedhoo
      If you fancy a RP involving a character from the Imperium of Man yet me know; I can provide the figure, perhaps a member of one of the ten great houses. Consider well.
    7. Ailedhoo
      Even official merchants from the Emperor?
    8. Ailedhoo
      I give you permission to use a character from China for your story.

      How about a merchant by the name of Man Mu?
    9. Ailedhoo
      If you join Terran's IOTBall game as the West half of Ozzieland we of Japan will gladly help you unite your country against the pony menace!

      We will even train you some ninjas!
    10. CivOasis
      Interested in joining a new IOT?
    11. Ailedhoo
      I look forward to diplomacy! :D

      As for Britain: basically we have had hard luck in expanding and a even harder time keeping to our claims. Port Hadley is joining you with the former British American colonies by the looks of it.
    12. Ailedhoo
      What will Ozzieland be like in Iron and Blood 7? The Aboriginals fended off colonialism? The British began their colonization project? The Dutch beat Britain to imperial expansion? France makes Australia into a massive winery? China claims it?
    13. Jehoshua
      If I were you, I'd make an application and see how it goes. You can always ditch it if you find you simply can't keep kicking the can along. I'm in my fourth year of uni incidentally (last semester, I've finished all the required courses for my degree and am just doing electives, need to decide whether to do honours or not though...)
    14. Jehoshua
      You should consider setting up (or taking over) a country in Sons of Mars. If setting up a new country is your thing, there is plenty of room in the western coast of North America (Haida Confederacy?), the Amazon basin or in Africa (voodoo state in Nigeria? or Ibadi muslim [the little know third main sect of Islam] state of Oman extending from Oman and Yemen along the eastern coast of Africa to Zanzibar?). If you are interested in taking over a country, the best bets would be the Ottoman Empire or the Qing Dynasty.
    15. Ailedhoo
      You must find (or get made) a ninja cow!

      Barring that there is a minotaur, although you could always go kangaroo. ;)

      Say: kangaroo court could be your UB! :D
    16. Ailedhoo
      For the IOT mod we are going to need to find somehow a ninja cow model for you UU ;)
    17. KaiserElectric
      I hope you'll like it. :D
    18. Milarqui
      Well, considering that missions are about going to other worlds and beating up , I do not see how that power will actually be useful for.
    19. KaiserElectric
      Well, if it wasn't obvious over the enthusiasm of the St. George blood drive, my little group needs blood. I won't say for what exactly, but I had the idea that reptoid blood would be better for our goals then human blood. Might give us a good excuse to go to war. :)
    20. KaiserElectric
      I'd like to continue the trend of talking to you about Sonspiracy on your userpage. :D

      I have a story idea for my legion, would it be okay if I used a reptoid?
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    Rest in Peace my friend Chester, who was taken from us too soon.