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Oct 29, 2014
Jul 16, 2011
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October 9
Seeking the Grail (UTC -8)

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King of the Britons, from Seeking the Grail (UTC -8)

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Oct 29, 2014
    1. Lord_Iggy
      Telekinesis is straight up not physically possible- again, I am trying to remain within the confines of physical possibility.

      Oxygen will combust in this atmosphere if it is combined with a spark. Oxygen can be found locked up in ice, or in rock oxides and salts dissolved in the oceans.
    2. Lord_Iggy
      If sonar is electromagnetic, then it's radar. Where did you hear that they can levitate things with electromagnetic waves (which are, in lay terms, nothing more than beams of 'light' at various frequencies). For a breakdown of levitation, wiki has some good sources.

      To summarize the link, lots of things can cause levitation, but many of them are highly impractical from a biological standpoint, especially when there are so many sources of the lighter-than-air gas hydrogen on Lambda. Floating with gas pockets, like the floating plants do, would be the most straightforward way to evolve levitation.
    3. Lord_Iggy
      Psychic powers are about as probable here as they are on earth. Having different compounds wouldn't change that, simple elements typically don't have effects on nervous systems, especially from a distance. You could definitely develop different types of body system, although you'd have to convince me how a 'psychic system' would work. You can certainly exercise mind control through chemicals, pheromones and parasites, but telekinesis is straight out- we are confined by the same laws of physics that we must deal with on earth.

      Don't worry though, there are plenty of ridiculous, off the wall, physically plausible systems that could, and likely will arise. :) Just be creative, and look a little bit at a few of the incredible things that organisms can do on our own planet for inspiration!
    4. TheBookkeeper
      Hi Nintz, sorry it took me so long to get back to you (had to be five days old to start posting visitor messages). Your NES looks neat; the main difference, I'd say, is that mine starts further into creation, with the world, life, and foundations of civilization already established. The focus is on the mythology of the Gods, above anything else. I hadn't seen yours before, but I certainly drew inspiration from the classics--Dawn of Worlds, Nobilis, and the like.
    5. TerrisH
      hmm Thuringia looks good, but so dose egypt, and I haven't played them in a while.

      If Thuingia dose not get a palyer back, I'll take it, otherwise egypt.
    6. TerrisH
      let me take look at the map..
    7. Patchy
      Something wrong with ninNES2?
    8. Milarqui
      Your orders, Sancha? (For CFC.com, of course!)
    9. erez87
      Just a small reminder to vote in KhanNES :)
    10. SamSniped
      GttE Mission tomorrow @ 1400 hrs EST
    11. spryllino
      Stuff in the R-R Pact group could do with your attention, please. :)
    12. SamSniped
      Information please!
    14. arya126
      Regarding your NES that is in the world creation phase, could you clarify what powers we have besides physical changes to the world, especially what powers we have over our own races and the races of others? In the update you said the creations must speak for themselves and that we are overstepping our bounds (IC of course) as gods. So I would just like some idea of what we can control, such as direct actions or details by and of the races (nations forming between them, details of their settlements, them initiating war against others, etc.).

      Also, would it be possible to create demigod like beings that can exist in the world after we the gods are forced into isolation?
    15. Arrow Gamer
      Arrow Gamer
      Not to be pushy, but can you say something in NinNES2? It's gone kinda quiet.
    16. christos200
      When will you update your NES? I must complete the Great Wall! :)
    17. J.K. Stockholme
      J.K. Stockholme
      Have you reviewed my PM? I won't finish my orders until you say yay or nay to it.
    18. spryllino
      There are a few things in the r-r pact group that could do with your attention. :)
    19. qoou
      Due to the huge size of Alnitah, light-speed jumps can be made to it from awfully large distances in one go. This sparked the interest of the Apeilic Iris, an empire fresh out of a very controversial war. They decided to claim ownership of the entire segmentum (not that anyone nearby can do much about it), but since they're from so far away, they settled with simply sending a flagship and a governor, rather than trying to directly rule us. The governor does not interfere except in the case of serious matters like genocide or large-scale terrorism. So far in the NES, the only thing he's done is label a faction as economic terrorists.

      This 1000 character limit on visitor messages is really not working. I will finish this via PM at some point in the future, probably.
    20. qoou
      Ok, so crash course to SysNES. I'll start with the history.

      First off, read at least the first spoiler here. It is awfully interesting.

      Now, where we are. We're in a neighborhood of stars spaced out around Alnitak/Alnitah, one of the brightest stars in the night sky (it's in Orion's Belt). This is relevant because it's the only reason civilization is around in our little segmentum in the first place.
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