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    Project SYNTHESIS

    Where and how can we access these older versions of DoC? Also, if you still recall, sir, could you tell me what previous version of DoC bears the highest resemblance to Synthesis?
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    Project SYNTHESIS

    A sad fact. We can only hope that one that possesses this mod comes across this thread and helps us in our plight.
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    Project SYNTHESIS

    I would greatly appreciate it!
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    RFC Civilizations in Abundance Thank Dumanios.
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    Guide to all the Rhyes and Fall Mods

    A fellow named Dumanios reuploaded RFC Civilizations in Abundance. I thought a new link for that would help for this guide.
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    [Vanilla] Roman UHV is wrong

    It's likely that the UHV specified in the forums is for the BTS version.
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    DOC Quality Mod Compilation

    Does this mod-mod-mod crash more than DoC?
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    Project SYNTHESIS

    Hello. Does anyone have an unmodified copy of this mod? DoC at its current state is too much for my computer, and the changes this mod makes are less numerous. Would anyone care to assist me in this matter? Edit: Please?
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