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  • I'll be reading. I have to decide whether I want to wade back into the warm waters of NESing again.
    I am wondering why it would cost 1000 to establish colonies/forts when our income is less than 500. Will that number stand or will you lower it?
    May we post?

    Right now I am deep in throught about Nation/Cultural names. My first "state", as I've said before, would probably be on that distinctive lake-island where the Matriarchs hoarded the boats they made and forced the Packs to give up power since they can no longer easily just "walk away" from a bad relationship and the other packs seemed to be fine with it.
    For an actual attack on a town, say, one they have no real relationship when they are just passing through, it is usually a more "Grab the boys and the young women!" situation more than "Lay waste to everything" because they don't really need the land of a town, nor "grab the tools and resources!" because generally they only carry the tools and resources they need at the moment, with a little extra for replacement; only really burdened when heading for a town to trade. They see no need to stockpile tools and stuff since they have already relationships with towns closer to their prowlands who are happy to trade wheat for hoes.

    Boys are desired for membership, women are desired to sell as slaves to other Nursuries.
    They will send runners to their "connected" Packs. Even then, for a non Tenori to attack a town they need to defeat a layer of ever less cultured Packs first.

    It is always possible for a Tenori pack to gather others together to form a Horde-like structure and impress rule on a town, or a region of towns; then again, it is also possible for a group of towns to band together and refuse to go through the ceremony without the Pack swearing new oaths; a surounded pack often thus has no choice. The "High Chief" and the "Mother of Matriarches" are the two main routes to form a protostate.
    Is it too much for you? I try to keep it don't ask don't tell, in this circumstance. I also made a strong incentive to continue maintaining the relationship between the Packs and the Nurseries.
    Dark is awaiting on orders for Fallout:NES. Six people missed the due date so hes postponing the update till he gets some more in. Thanks ;)
    Hey, just a reminder that orders for NutraNESIV6 are due tomorrow at noon (12:00 GMT -4). Late orders will only be accepted up till midnight (24:00 GMT -4) as I already extended the deadline by a week.
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