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  • Hey Noyyau,
    I've created a discord server - a program that has text and voice channels for all the old gang of Civ 4 S&T to reunite. Here's the link:
    You can use this in your browser and you don't need an account - just join the server!
    Would it be possible to get a summary of the public perception of the government and the various houses? Thanks.
    (Struggles of the Noyyau)
    The rebellions are spontaneous, due to the RevDCM mod component. So far they have spawned only generic Barbarians, though I had expected the Iranians to come back.
    You could invent some story behind the riots if you wish.
    In regards to the rebellion in former Iran;
    Are the riots planned and/or is there a leadership within the rebellion or, are they spontaneous?
    Ah, I should have separated my post better. Sorry! Only the smiley was about your post!

    The rest was about tdfriese's new start.
    Quote That's a much better area than the tundra wasteland of the previous attempt!Quote

    It's not a better ending. I was implying that Egypt was hit by a nuke.
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