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Jan 27, 2006
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September 16

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    1. J.K. Stockholme
    2. Golden1Knight
    3. christos200
    4. SouthernKing
      No problem, thanks.
    5. SouthernKing
      Hey, reminder that Kashmir deadline is in about 24 hours and you still haven't sent orders this turn
    6. bombshoo
      I know you were joking in the thread about a cold war where jazz was popular, but it did give me an idea. What about an alternate history without WWII, so it's 1920s/30s in some style and tech but cold war in some style and tech? This also might satisfy some of the steampunkers. Diesel/Decopunk.
    7. Mosher
      The first game is definitely better in story and lore, but Dark Souls 2 has far better mechanics (both in the mechanics themselves and how things are balanced). Pretty much every weapon is viable in PvP. Covenants are more streamlined (like there are no fluff ones like the Princess Guard or anything), though there are a couple of questionable design choices (there is no full red eye orb anymore, only cracked ones and the only way to restock is to fight in the new Darkwraith arena, Brotherhood of Blood now, and win matches).

      Soul memory isn't great, but there's a ring that prevents you from gaining souls which allows you to stay in the soul memory bracket of your choice.

      Overall, it's a really great game. The only thing it's missing is Dark Souls 1's atmosphere, which it sadly lacks in most places. The DLC is more fun than anything in either games, though, with the atmosphere to match (in my opinion).
    8. Mosher
      It's an enemy called the Desert Sorceress from one of the midgame areas :)

      Scholar of the First Sin is being released in a couple of months, and with it upgraded graphics, bundled DLC and all sorts of stuff. You should check it out, DS2 is a great game
    9. Mosher
      Dark Souls 2!
    10. J.K. Stockholme
    11. Ailedhoo
      Korea should consider giving aid for Emperor Yuan in restoring unity to China. Aid us against the non-socialist Federalists and you will find us a great ally and a greater trading partner. We also promise to aid in supporting your annexation of Japan.
    12. J.K. Stockholme
      J.K. Stockholme
      That's Overseer Tiffany Jackson to you.
    13. christos200
      Thanks for the idea. I never really thought about this. I will use it.
    14. Lefty Scaevola
      Lefty Scaevola
      All are being watched
    15. Ahigin
      [With my worst Russian accent]: I'll si vot I ken doo.
    16. Ahigin
      Sorry, I read your suggestion after I was done working on the new version of the flag. Let me know if you still want another version.
    17. Nuka-sama
    18. bombshoo
      You could come back. was joke.
    19. bombshoo
      You know I less than three you right?
    20. Symphony D.
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