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  • I am glade of your return! :D

    BTW are you interested in joining a IOT by me?

    I am to run a game called Beyond the Revolution on Beyond the Lampshade.

    Other IOTers from CFC have joined.

    BTR is my first game that will run: it will run on the 1st day of July.

    BTL is a place of humour and debate: a community.

    Consider well for great justice! :D
    In case you start the peace talks without me: Make sure you demand Cape's unconditional surrender first. Stress how doomed they are and tell them that we will take up their reparation debts if you have to, we need to make sure that Cape gets divided up so that they never become a problem again.

    Only if they show no sign of surrendering should you negotiate.
    If you still want a British character, I will gladly switch Jupiter for Voyager, I would had picked that ship anyways if I saw it.
    You said that because of the SDI, Hawaii will survive. Not if i have send my spies to deactivated it.
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