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Nov 2, 2016
Jan 30, 2009
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Unlikeliest of Slash Fics

nutranurse was last seen:
Nov 2, 2016
    1. thomas.berubeg
      Good LUCK!
      when's it due?
    2. thomas.berubeg
      Hey How goes the thesis?
    3. theDright
      How's that thesis coming? With the speed that you wrote that update for NutraNESIV.5, you should already be done :p
    4. TerrisH
      no problem, I'll NPC you for this turn.
    5. TerrisH
      any Idea when you will get your orders in for KNES? would like them by today. otherwise you will likely be NPCed for this turn.
    6. Eltain
      Dhahabu means Gold. And is a prefix for Swiech settlements on the Warren Isles. What is the adjective for Green? (which I will prefix the Quatriut settlements with, once they have been Green'd.)
    7. thomas.berubeg
      NVM, just posted a new set of orders. :\
    8. thomas.berubeg
      That's what I meant. I thought there were 9 spots, with 4 of them used!

      Oh well, If that's the case, do you want me to write new orders?
    9. Northen Wolf
      Northen Wolf
      I did send orders. I re sent them aswell. Please confirm that you got them?
    10. Gem Hound
    11. SouthernKing
      I thought I had sent them...?
      If not, then just bank all.
    12. Dachs
      Ugh, the Roman period. I'm kinda garbage on it. But from what I understand, wasn't he mostly just a sophistic guy who tried to effectively do the same thing that Polybios and Ploutarchos did, namely, acclimatize Greeks to Roman rule? You know, where "Greeks" meant "wealthy Greeks who cared about history and could be assed to read his books", who were the only Greeks worth courting anyway.
    13. Gem Hound
      Gem Hound
      Nope. It's a Medieval MMORPG((Strategy)) with a UK map made by Scottish. So sort of like an IOT but not. Instead of a group of 30 or so players I'm talking thousands.
    14. Gem Hound
      Gem Hound
      You see, for the Stronghold Kingdoms one, It's Norfolk versus three quarters of England. I'm leading Norfolk.
    15. Gem Hound
      Gem Hound
      okay thanks. I'm trying you see, to decide my right course of action in Capto Iugulum, Trying to make orders so I don't miss turn three for orders on DominionNES, Writitng the third update for Imperium Rolanus or a different forum, running an alliance in the middle of a massive war on Stronghold Kingdoms... Ya... lots to do. Not mentioning other NES's I'm in too. :P I probably won't get my orders in for this turn.
    16. Gem Hound
      Gem Hound
      ahh! Bank it all! I'm doing thirty things right now sorry. :(
    17. Blaze Injun
      Blaze Injun
      How about comets hitting Large Gas Planets have a change to go Star. Creation is a painful thing.
    18. Tambien
      I know, but it makes me feel sleazy if I don't apologize.

      On another note, why monsters? What's the point?
    19. Tambien
      I apologize for not crediting you initially, I truly thought I had.
    20. Tambien
      What program do you use to make your starmaps?
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