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Nov 2, 2016
Jan 30, 2009
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Unlikeliest of Slash Fics

nutranurse was last seen:
Nov 2, 2016
    1. theDright
      Can you post links to the appendices for update 1 on the front page?
    2. theDright
      I'm going to take the Cindor Rash Warghemen, I think it has the best fit for what I think I can do. Probably more questions to follow as I write the orders up.
    3. Boundless
      Emails have been sent :)
    4. Oruc
    5. Devercia
      Facebookery. Pure Facebookery.
    6. Seon
      I don't think that he himself would look blatantly evil :p. I imagine his throneroom being more immersed in bright lights. White marble and stuff.

      Xanthus addresses his Court.

      Xanthus in battle gear.
    7. Seon
      For future use :p
    8. Adrogans
      I suppose I should also mention that the first two circles have little to no political impact.
    9. Adrogans
      There are actually 6 circles (with the 6th circle having only 1 member as the nominal head)
      1 (lowest) - 6 (highest)
    10. thomas.berubeg
      for possible use in the future?
    11. Seon
      Nes chat?
    12. das
      I would be happy enough to see what you have in mind.
    13. Eltain
    14. Eltain
      Omg that is frikkin awesome. Do you mind if I super-impose it over a creepy background?
    15. das
      I am still far from sure about this (I have other projects and this would require a great deal of preparations). That being said, if I did run it, remember that Your Glorantha Will Vary. It's flexible enough.
    16. das
      Did you know there is an actual Durulz book? A book that's all about ducks? Sadly it is Second Age-oriented, but still.
    17. das
      I know. Etyries is actually a pretty great site for... some of the places. Also, Heroquest Voices are there, which are just great.
    18. das
      Heh. I suppose I have a predilection for larger scales, plus KoDP already feels like it covered that ground nicely. Of course it could still be a fun game, and in fact I've been thinking of borrowing certain other KoDP mechanics (the events and start game choices) for a different game.

      There are lots of other things that could be done there, though, beside Dragon Pass or a full-scale Glorantha game - like a game centered on the ruling circles of the Lunar Empire, since it is very well described. This certainly could come in handy for that.
    19. das
      Hey, nutranurse, I've been on a Glorantha reading binge lately. Not that I don't have other projects, but I've been wondering whether you had any actual thoughts as to how a Glorantha NES would work. Also, whether it should be Second Age (the one with the EWF and the God Learners and such) or Third. :p Or First, even.

      Also, for future reference, do you use IRC?
    20. Masada
      orders in tonight
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