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  • Hey Optik - I don't know if you were still active, but I was wondering if you might have your civs available separately? I'm interested in your Carib and would like to install them in my game individually. Thanks!
    About graphics: do you mean icons and diploscreen (yes i can help you)?
    Without any knowledge in lua script i can't created a UA or building like you want.
    Unit promotion witch can be unlock at certain techs, maybe you can try this (don't know if that works):

    Creat a unitpromotion.xml file, add a UnitPromotions for UnitClasses and add a prereqtech like this:

    </UnitClassType> <Modifier>50</Modifier>
    Well, first part is that I can't make any graphics (combination of software, knowledge, and terrible art skills), so, if you could help in any way there, it would be appreciated.
    Secondly, more of an as-it-comes up basis, I'm planning on making several civs, so, I figure I'm bound to have issues, and, IMO, your civs were the best, so, I figured you were the best one to ask for help. At the moment, I'm wondering if you can make a UA (or building) that improves city attacks by percentage, and units that get better as eras progress (I.E., promotions that unlock at certain techs, like navigation).
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