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    [GS] Why am I not winning? Cultural Victory Deity

    I have had this happen both in modded and unmodded games. It always occurs when I make a bunch of tourists at once, so my guess is that the game is actually checking to see if you *equal* the tourists required, rather than equal or greater. If you overshoot, it doesn't notice the victory...
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    Is this some kind of record?

    That is actually pretty useful to know. It probably means he built a warrior in those 3 turns and got a scout -> archer or warrior -> spear (or both!) from ruins. That would make his military force 4x what yours is, which does indicate that your military is weak! Not that he could use his...
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    Effects of negative gpt and no money?

    My testing (which is a fair bit, but I wouldn't call it bulletproof) has shown that when you have negative gpt you lose science instead of gold when you run out of cash. You don't ever seem to lose units unless your science isn't large enough to pay for your negative gpt. That basically means...
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    Convincing the AI to build courthouses is easy - just set the flavors of them to massive amounts and they will build them first every time. I don't know if causing the AI to annex cities would create other issues but certainly if there is a real challenge there it isn't going to be convincing...
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    Cultural Advice Sought

    You can get all four great people in a single turn in a single city if you want. I did it a few times just for lulz. The game will definitely increment the increasing cost for each one though. As has been said above though you can't do the same trick over multiple cities, all the GP must be...
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    AI naval invasions

    In a patch the AI was updated to try naval invasions better. Sometimes it will send 1 GG, 2-3 escort ships and 10 or so regular units in a tight pack to invade. I have seen this several times with mixed success. A player who spots it early will obviously be able to defeat it but some city...
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    City-states declaring war?

    City states will declare war on someone if that person attacks too many other city states. This is the only time they will declare war on a player aside from doing so because their ally did. It is possible to accidentally declare war on a city state with nukes. If you were nuking a player...
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    v139.2 = Cultural Bonanza for the AI?

    I know that Kame does in fact build Moai statues but very, very rarely. He and Monty have the unfortunate distinction of having warrior UUs which usually means they spend the entire early game building a huge army of trash and then spend the rest of their (short) lifespan in a series of wars...
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    Actually Thal, this isn't right. I thought exactly as you did because that is what the damn descriptive text says but when I actually tested the vanilla Autocracy bonus here is what it *actually* does: Reduces the penalty to damage from being hurt by 25% additively. That is, units take a...
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    An idea: change the color of cities' trade icons when connected by RR to the capital

    C6 looks right to me - it is similar enough to be easily recognizable as a 'connected' symbol but different enough to be easily distinguishable.
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    Re: Carriers. I also found it awful that the AI would build tons of carriers, far more than needed to hold its entire fleet of planes. It simply doesn't have a decent AI for carriers (which require a very unique AI to use). I fixed it by setting the flavors of carriers to 1. The AI...
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    Recommended settings for mod?

    I definitely find that CiV gets much easier the slower the game speed because of human military superiority. On normal speed if I wipe out the AIs army they will replenish it in 15 turns - I might not get to take more than 1 city, or maybe none at all if the distance is substantial. On...
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    Late Game Conquest

    I should note that at some point Firaxis did make the AI have some sort of strategy for long distance invasion over water. They will make a flotilla of 2-3 ships, 1 GG and ~10 or so other units and move them in a tightly packed formation to their target. I have seen them attack both enemy AIs...
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    Late Game Conquest

    I completely agree that redefining domination would be good from a game perspective (not necessarily a RP perspective... not sure on that either way). For example, if there are 8 starting civs and I crush 5 of them I feel like I should win a domination victory. Here is the difficulty though if...
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    SP teams on Diety

    To the OP: It sounds like your partner is playing without the Deity bonuses. What I suspect is going on is that since it is part of a 'human' team it plays according to the human rules while the other teams play according to the Deity AI rules. I don't know how it *should* work but it seems...
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