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Apr 28, 2020
Dec 17, 2005
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Repair Guy, from Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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Apr 28, 2020
    1. Hank Fluba
      Hank Fluba
    2. Cyberian
    3. Kriku
    4. V. Soma
      V. Soma
      Ji, can you help Azazell and remove all pics Thunderfall has put up on the gallery? And the news item, too...


    5. History buff33
      History buff33
      I desperately need your help...
    6. kivanc
    7. Afforess
      Could you merge delete this thread, it appears to be a dupe of this one. Thanks
    8. Trevster418
      ori if you didnt read y other message, then here it is:

      i cant find {CFBCE791-2D53-4FCE-B3FB-D6E01F4112E8} !! what do i do? please help!!
    9. Wilapen
      Thank you Ori, you've been a great help - Merry Christmas! and Happy Holidays!!
    10. Wilapen
      Hi Ori, I bought BtS recently - want to patch it and downloaded the latest patch. Then I discovered that I had unzip it. No prob, I then went to the pkunzip website to download that. Found out that it would cost me about $40 USD.
      I really don't want to spend this, so I was wondering if there is a free "de-archiving" program available. BTW, I already used the "30 day free-trial" previously. Thanks!

      Merry Christmas
    11. marsfire
      Hi Ori. Tried to load a quick save with ShiftF8 and game crashes. file size is 741KB. can go back to earlier saves and game will load. DxDiag showed no problems. Drivers are up2date.

      Faulting application civ4beyondsword.exe, version, faulting module civ4beyondsword.exe, version, fault address 0x005437f7.

      Can you please tell me how to fix Thanks
    12. woc
      Hi Ori. Unfortnatly I have no time to hunt for bugs or modding generally anymore..at least not for now. But I hope you might inform some other modders about the OOS. It's still in the game. Even after the 3.19 patch. Also, the solutions online, shift-start, clean cache, copy cache, etc.. they all won't help.

      Would you be so kind to ask around in the modding community for someone to debug it and fix it?

    13. Nitram15
      Can we be friends?:)
    14. bojanoo7
      i try to install civ bts patch v 3.13 but when i click install some error is appearing what i can do to fix that? i installed civ bts patch v3.03 before!?
    15. vicawoo
      I'd like to have the BTSleader-3.13 leader trait file for civ 4 uploaded into the civfanatics database system as a database.
      Then I could make a simple script could be used to select any number of leaders and the desired traits, and it would be outputted on a webpage, which frankly would be more accessible to a casual player.

      Can this (uploading to the website database) be done?
    16. vicawoo
    17. mudassar_67
      i've BTS patch 3.19 "low disk space" error
      wil u please reply me with solution how to solve it, reply me at:

      Edited Email-Adress out. ori
    18. bikefisherdog
      Hello Ori:

      I am begging for someone to help me with an installation issue of Civ4. It seems like the PC hanging upon the insertion of the second disc during the setup process is a very popular problem. I have already followed the instructions posted on the Civ Websites and the result is always the same. In my laptop, when I insert the second disc, another window opens showing the contents of the second disc and nothing else happens after that. If I select ok on the setup window the computer will hang indefinetly and only a restart gets it out of hang.

      Can you advice, please.
    19. Norvin_Green
    20. Norvin_Green
      Is there a way to edit my thread title? Or can you do that for someone?
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