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    New Steam Interface - Problems

    The first time I launched steam after the update it froze when I tried switching to library and crashed. After relaunching it worked normally but that was the last time I've launched it since then so I can't say how stable it is overall.
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    Your favorite Civ 6 alternatives

    It's been a few years since last I played it so my memory is a bit fuzzy. Now that you mention it, I think you do actually "upgrade" citizens to the upper class but in the version I played I think you had control over which residences to upgrade and so you had control over the number of...
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    Your favorite Civ 6 alternatives

    Yes it is basically this way although I didn't quite see it the way you did. Once each 'ceiling' (or a few) is met it attracts a new social class to your colony who now have new demands but also bring new capabilities to your colony. Often the thing X that you need can be obtained through...
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    Your favorite Civ 6 alternatives

    I used to game a lot when i was younger and had time. Many of the games already mentioned I used to play, especially the RTS ones. To some extent I still do depending on the 'season'. I got a Switch last year and really loved playing the remastered version of Dark Souls (my first DS experience)...
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    I used to think disasters were mostly harmless and inconsequential

    Yes, flood zones are quite beneficial for a city with high food yields. Hard to avoid them, but they can also be a hindrance. If one tends to flood then certainly build a dam on that river.
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    [GS] Lumber mills vs removing forests and food surplus

    While that discussion was about pure production and based on forests, as @WackenOpenAir explained it is somewhat general. There is a bit more to be said however when it comes to food yields (namely jungles). If you follow the previous quote to that other thread, the next few comments respond to...
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    [GS] Lumber mills vs removing forests and food surplus

    There was a recent, in-depth discussion/analysis on this topic in a different thread. Not sure if everyone will entirely agree, but this is how I summarized it in the other thread:
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    [GS] Shall we inherit number-of-city Science and Culture Penalty to Civ6?

    Okay it seems I completely misunderstood what Kilwa actually does. I thought it boosted the yield (amount) coming from the city-state. I take it now this is referring to the type of yield that is the same as the CS's. Wow, that's huge. So if you were suzerain of 2 of each type of CS you'd be...
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    [GS] Shall we inherit number-of-city Science and Culture Penalty to Civ6?

    Huh, this detail seems to have eluded me all this time. Can't believe I'm just learning this now! Thanks for clarifying.
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    [GS] Shall we inherit number-of-city Science and Culture Penalty to Civ6?

    Why is Kilwa at +7? With two city states shouldn't it be 4*(1.3) for the owner of Kilwa and 4*(1.15) for all other cities? Also, adjacency 6 is pretty rare, I find +3 is a more realistic average value but maybe that's just me. Finally why are specialists giving 9, I thought you only get 2 per...
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    [GS] 'Lesser' Mods

    I like Great Barrier Reef Campus Adjacency. It adds the same +2 science adjacency as you get from reefs implemented in the September update to the great barrier reef wonder. Potentially makes the wonder OP since you can get +4 if you place the campus in the middle (+2 from each wonder tile) but...
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    [GS] If you have 17 points, will you win a diplomatic victory after voting yourself down?

    dude, what are you saying, he already admitted that he said it: and it was in this thread, which is also where this feud between @Lily_Lancer and @leandrombraz seems to have started: And the feud is getting old fast. @Lily_Lancer, it's good that you have corrected this rumor but might I make a...
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    [GS] Shall we inherit number-of-city Science and Culture Penalty to Civ6?

    While this thread seems to have turned into another wide v tall and how to balance the two type of discussion, I think the intent was not quite about this. It seemed that OP was more concerned with the power of domination, which does end up leading to a wide empire, but it's not the same as...
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    Quick Questions and Answers

    I imagine this is the reason. With no one to compete with that civ had no incentive to give you more money. Not for aid requests since you can't force natural disasters to happen. There are things you can do to increase the odds of getting one, for example settling near volcanoes, removing...
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    [Vanilla] Do the peace terms they propose tell you how badly the AI is hurting from a war?

    you can get 5% returns from government bonds, hardly an investment. These are practically no-risk investments for people who just want to put their money away really and have it at least keep up with inflation. Similar to just putting your money in the bank. In fact banks also offer something...
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