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May 24, 2012
Apr 4, 2007
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Liverpool, home of Everton FC
Games Programmer

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Random Nonsense Generator, from Liverpool, home of Everton FC

ParadigmShifter was last seen:
May 24, 2012
    1. aelf
      Care to switch avatars? I always had a soft spot (or several) for the mushroomhead.
    2. Quackers
      Ahh well for another day,

      will report back :P
    3. Quackers
      I set you a challenge on Kebab thread no2.

    4. Abaddon
      Sweet Jesus, you signed on with the same Name, oh that just tops it off. G-Night
    5. Abaddon
      exactly. Except they all hate me on 50chat, so im kinda swiming against the tide!
    6. Abaddon
      Aww, but I found out who Hugh Mann's DL was (Pasi numuumn) and was happily arguing away with them.
    7. Abaddon
    8. Quackers
      Ed Miliband to Kebab threads were SICK.

      I got this beauty for my sig:

      "I wish the uneducated were banned from the internet, so I would not need to take time and spoon feed the most basic ideas to people. He is linking the term gay to a derogatory image, because he thinks that putting lemon juice on a kebab is bad."
    9. Abaddon
      You just wish I was gay
    10. Abaddon
      My god this is both terrifying and hilarious at the same time!
    11. Abaddon
      Yeah, the majority of my uni mates who were in a non-job specific degree have since gone with the PGCE route!
    12. Abaddon

      Oh, she should also be prepared to try and answer "so what, does that mean you can work in a Zoo" for the rest of her life....

      Sorry thats probably not much help, but I finished my degree just as the economy started to go backwards, all the science jobs simply vanished and I just had to get on with life.. I was in a class of 50! I doubt there is that many Zoology jobs in the UK!

      I am now living in Brighton, just finishing a college course to become a Farmer! (my family owns a farm)
    13. Abaddon
      I do have a Zoology Degree.. 2.2 (Hons) from Newcastle University.

      Sadly, other than a few graduate schemes, and a few jobs as a lab assistant, I very quickly moved away from that field. As fun as university was, I didn't find the Zoology job really taught me anything, and certainly didn't lead into any obvious jobs!

      Those who continued to peruse anything related tended to continue within university, getting research jobs/phd thingyies going.

      There is plenty of "awesome" research jobs around the world.. if you don't mind essentially paying to be somewhere beautiful counting whales or something! (The pay is terrible as a researcher if not the usual volunteer scheme)

      The best area, that I have seen, is to move into the legal/environmental world. One friend became an Environmental Surveyor. All building work needs to be ticked off by one of them, and its a fairly well paid job.
    14. Arakhor
      Well, as I told CelticEmpire, I haven't been to church in eleven years and I wasn't much good at the theory then! It is odd that I was raised in an originally American Protestant sect and yet it seems that my religious views are fundamentally incompatible with so many other US sects.
    15. Arakhor
      You're a dirty old man, you know that. :D
    16. Arakhor
      We should both be in bed, now. :D
    17. Arakhor
      Your jokes are getting worse. :D
    18. Abaddon
      Awesome put-down in recent locked thread! :thumbsup:
    19. Bushface
      Just seen your birthday greeting: many thanks. I'd have seen it sooner if it had been on the Civ4 forum. I've just poked my nose into Civ5 for a moment to see what's happening: for myself, I gave up on 5 very quickly as I found it rubbish.
      On the age topic, somebody somewhere beats me by no less than ten years. He posted a few months ago, so perhaps I have regained the Oldest Poster title on his demise.
    20. Takhisis
      You made a thread about 'Bob' being correct and the first Bob i thought of was Paisley. I really thought you were gonna write about football.
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    Most people think... Great God will come from the skies... Take away everything... And make everybody feel high (Bob Marley)
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