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Feb 18, 2019
Jul 5, 2012
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Feb 18, 2019
    1. Omega124
      Would I be correct to assume your AC, since it mentions Yoda and clearly takes place before Order 66, takes place in the Late Republic era, perhaps even during the Clone Wars?
      1. Patchy
        Yeah, guess I forgot to mention it outside of chat. The game takes place somewhere in the vast wasteland between the Sith instituting the Rule of two and the beginning of the Prequels.
        Jan 28, 2017
    2. Lighthearter
      If Wednesday would be convenient for you, I could run HC today, Tuesday(sans you, unfortunately) or next weekend.
    3. CivOasis
      New CityIOT.
    4. Tambien
      If you're still interested in a GaP-eque game, I'd like to invite you to join Babylonian Statecraft. I hope to see you around. :)
    5. Lord_Iggy
      Hi Patchy!

      In your evolution description, you say 'The Maxilla has evolved to fill the predator niche by having the front two feet move to the sides of the body and develop a single tusk-like structure suited for breaking through the armor of the Estabils allowing them to eat the flesh.' I am a bit confused by this sentence. As you write it, it seems like the front two limbs move to the outer edges of the body, then they become a single predatory structure. Do you mean that each one becomes a single pokey weapon thing, or that the two limbs merge into a single thing held together at the top of the body? I would assume that you mean that the Maxilla has two attack claws (the term 'claw' works better than 'tusk', as a tusk is a type of tooth), but I want to stay true to your vision.
    6. Omega124
    7. Omega124
      Hey patchy if you could show up to novaiot it would be appreciated. I /need/ to talk to you.
    8. Robert Can't
      Robert Can't
      That would probably be a good idea.
    9. danjuno
      Do come quick, the fecal matter has hit the fan in IOTXIV!
    10. Ailedhoo
      Thank you.

      I will need to take a break, yes... I think I need to remember the lessons of "quality over quantity" which are not learned through obsession which I am at risk of.

      Still: I once again thank you.
    11. Ailedhoo
      Thank you Patchy. I will need to learn from you. :)

      I hope I can battle my arrogance. I fear I am allowing it to swallow me. Hopefully I could learn from this experience to know when or when not to jump in...

      Also: I will need to start returning to play more "saner" nations in the future. It might be good practice to control my arrogance.
    12. Ailedhoo
      I apologise for the... derailment in IOTXIV and hope for the situation to improve.
    13. Ailedhoo
      It might be a good idea if you do join MECTU when the time comes for you do have a important strategic shipping point and hence should have a voice in matters.
    14. CivOasis
      Because you participated in either CityIOT or its Redux, you are being invited/encouraged/requested to join a new game in the same vein.
    15. Dem Taqat
      Dem Taqat
      There is about to be a TLPAC mission...
    16. thomas.berubeg
      Hey, man. Sorry to overwhelm the SG :p
    17. Nukeknockout
      Policy on prisoners the Congo has taken? I've gotten their surrender.
    18. Nukeknockout
      I've started talking with them. I've currently demanded their unconditional surrender. Waiting to hear their reply.
    19. Nukeknockout
      You are a lifesaver. Thank you.
    20. Ailedhoo
      After my exam this afternoon I will begin to brainstorm a plan to set a IOT in BTL based on the rules of Sone's New Revolution. The crowd of BTLee will enjoy the geopolitical stuff and I think some IOT veterans are needed to add to their enjoyment. Consider well when I decide to create the game officially.
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