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  • Good day.

    I would recommend you make a visit to IOT! :D

    IOT14 is especially in a good state! :)

    There is also Dunkelheit and Prone to Win along with New Earth. ;)

    Finally there is Weltpolitik and Realpolitik...

    Pick what ever games to join and have fun if you desire! :D
    What was the story behind your avatar updates? I saw you talking with Hygro in a thread about it, and I'm not sure I remember any of your avvies before the current one.
    sgdfjjksadfafsdjofdsajk;sda;lsdfa; lkflfsda

    hehehe I saw the notification pop up and thought I had another infraction. I was pleasantly surprised. :)
    When one clicks on the link in your profile leading to fifty chat one seems to get to random sites related to sex or romance or both. One candidate:
    The admin of BTL is considering a multiplayer game of Civ5. Consider joining us and then you join the game!
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