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  • What type of game controller are you looking for? Mouse? Keyboard? Gamepad (console controller)? Joystick?
    Anders Borg, Sweden's Minister of Finance :) He's known for having an earing and a pony tail. Could you imagine your Secretary of Treasury having those? :lol:
    Good catch, I have added a comment, hopefully that will eventually be put into their special style and corrected.
    Oh man, another person who doesn't get it.
    Christian = follower of Christ.
    Christ's message is the basis for Christianity. Christ clearly did not approve of genocide/murder/etc. even of "infidels".

    Islam = Worshipper of Allah.
    Allah's word is given to Earth by one man, Mohammed. Mohammed clearly states, in the later verses of the Koran that supercede the early verses (per the Koran), seek out the infidel, slay him wherever you find him.

    Please don't make me rehash this again. If you want to believe that Hitler is a Christian, go on ahead, but his actions are directly AGAINST the word of Christ... Muslim terrorists actions are actually directed by the Koran. I'm really tired of this argument having to be made, and recommend you READ the books before we continue... but after reading them, you won't need to continue because you will know the facts, instead of the out of context knowledge that you have now.
    Hitler is not a Christian. Not even close to a Christian. Just because one calls oneself a Christian doesn't make you one...
    It is unfortunate that you do not realize that someone who exterminates 6 million of God's chosen people is not really following the religion. He used religion as nothing more than a tool.
    Regarding your question about my Sims 2: I have every expansion pack (University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Seasons, Pets, Freetime, Bon Voyage, Apartment Life), plus a fair sampling of the stuff packs -- Celebration Stuff, Teen Style Stuff, IKEA Stuff, and Family Fun Stuff.
    Theology doesn't seem that different from literary criticism. It just deals with 'holy' texts and religious writing exclusively. One of my non-believing professors who teaches English also taught religious history. I am annoyed at the implication by some posters (not you) that one can't criticize religion unless one has a grasp on theology. One does not need a PhD in literature to be able to say with authority that Twilight sucks. Same principle.
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