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  • It's like football clubs: gotta show anyone who comes to your stadium how many titles you have won.
    I feel as if I should use that empty line in my sig for 'proud recipient of the CFC Moderators' Trophy and my 'Extensive research of the month' award.
    Hey peter,

    Would it be possible for this thread to become a Red Diamond thread? Thanks in advance!

    Like how I pretend to be the hyperloop expert there?


    But seriously, I don't, I just have to poke holes in the idea as I see them. :)
    Unfortunately, I don't get into the City that often, I am more often in NJ or Western Mass. I'll PM or VM when I plan on being up in the City and we can do that. Would be a first for me to meet a CFCer in person. What are your best days? I am totally inflexible, but if I have something to work around I can make arrangements.
    Compared to $80, $20 is downright cheap. It's still high for the average teen/early 20something, so I guess that partly explains why we were the only under-55 people in the audience.
    I went to a locally produced play last night. It was called Fools and it was a lot of fun. We got the tickets for free from a trivia night we won but normally they cost $20/ticket. Isn't that a bit much?
    To be completely honest, I don't think you or any of the mods treat me unfairly. In fact, I think they've been extraordinarily generous to me considering what a dick I have been throughout this first year of posting. So I don't think you'll come after me or that any of the mods will and I certainly don't think of you any differently nor will I change how I react to you.

    I just worry that personal animosities may come out and make you dislike me. They have cut me so much slack and I've been enough of an issue I am sure that frustration will show at points with the other mods and tint(? is that the word I'm looking for?) your feelings.

    But you've made me feel better about it.
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