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  • May I join K-mod club? I just tasted it (without the culture implementation) through Realism Invictus mod and I gotta admit, it's fun. Of course, for extremely high levels, K-mod sucks. But for EMP-IMM, it's an awesome mod. I am bought to it now. Still, I have no problem with stock BTS since I'm the grand AI abuser a.k.a. the highest rank of AI abuser player! :) :lol:
    Oh yeah i read it :). Thanks for your compliments in that thread, i didn't do much but briefly state what i was thinking the SA did. (And iirc other good players on here made similar statements in the past)
    Sorry i didn't chime in further, it seemed to me it would be very time-consuming to find out (and provide a proof?) how much the SA exactly saves.
    Fintourist i think put a lot of thought into his arguments, i can't say if he's really 100% right about it.. I'm either not intelligent enough, or haven't got enough time to follow this thouroughly, Its almost to a level where you'd have to do a P.h.D level study to argue further, that's how serious some ppl on here take their game mechanics. (don't mean that in a negative way).
    I think you did a valliant job in arguing, and edging him/her on into doing more and more calculations :)
    Yeah I definitely think the idea of grouping units into armies, and then having support costs rise as they get bigger is the way to go.

    I actually didn't have in mind gold though. I was thinking that directly as more units are piled into the same tile, the strength of what the unit would be suffers a greater and greater tax. A unit 5 horse archers would have 30 strength, but a stack 20 horse archers would maybe only have 70 strength.

    Intuitively you could think of this tax reflecting the problem of "overcrowding", or you could view it as a lot of units would be more likely to run out of supplies, and hungry troops fight poorly.

    I'm not going to post in that thread though. If I start talking to civ V fanboys, things are going to get ugly :p I mean there's someone in that thread that literally seems upset at the notion that having a bigger economy leading to a bigger army would determine the outcome of a war.....
    Well, we're probably going to remerge the BNW and GD forums in the next couple of weeks, so bad example. :p

    My main objection to another forum is that it's entirely unnecessary. There is literally no reason for it that I can see, given the current forum is perfectly capable of housing Civ6 threads. A separate forum would split activity and create confusion.

    BTW, you don't have to lobby people to post in the Site Feedback thread. It's good that you've drawn my attention to the issue, and it's prompted me to ask the admins to put investigate the possibility of a redirect link, but more people giving their opinions is unlikely to be all that helpful. :)
    I agree with you about it being awkward for Civ6 discussion to be solely under Civ5, but I don't think splitting the forum up would be a productive idea. The distinction between ideas for Civ5 and for Civ6 often isn't very clear, and the current forum has been able to accommodate Civ6 ideas; the problem is just it's placement. I have suggested to the admins that a link to it be added to the Civ4 forums in the same location as it is linked in the Civ5 forums, so that it is as easy to access from Civ4, and when I get around to it, I'll look at making some changes to make the place less Civ5-specific.
    “The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.”

    -Genghis Khan

    Good ol' Temujin.. That sounds weird, but you cannot say that you don't like that in the game ;)! I haven't seen the movie but I've read Conn Iggulden's Conqueror books, three of the five books. Really fun. Recommended (<- it wrote it wrong, right?...).
    Okay, I admit I fell for the cake trap. I've never tried K-mod, so wouldn't feel right in the fan club...but rock on man, rock on!
    Thanks. The Benjamin Franklin quote is really nice. Actually I'm not very good in poetry and all that stuff, but I like to change my signature when I read a good/interesting quote from somewhere. It might be that I copied the quote from some post in here, CFC. Feel free to use it in forums or RL. I found one quote from Genghis Khan so weird and confusing that I had to use in my signature some time ago.
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