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Sep 8, 2019
Nov 14, 2003
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Mar 30, 1976 (Age: 43)

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Philosopher, 43, from Somerset


Exhausted! Apr 25, 2017

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Sep 8, 2019
    1. Reginleif
      Greek philosophy sucks
    2. EDaddy
      I fixed the music in your Civ3 scenario, "The Desert and the Mountain" and created the new zip for it. How should I send the file to you?
    3. jayjackson
      Hello Moderator! :)

      I was just wondering, I'm interested in doing a series of posts, inspired mainly by the Sisiutil ALC as a way to improve my play and get more involved in the community here at CivFanatics.

      My question for you is this: Should I place something like this, which I'm sure would be high in strategic content, in Strategy and Tips, or the Stories and Tales forum?

      With my job, I don't get much time out and about in the time where normal people are out and about (I work till 4AM generally) - and Civ is a longtime hobby of mine and I'd really like to get involved to help improve my play and hopefully help others!


    4. Abaddon
      Those are your own words from a UK meet thread several years ago.

      Search my created threads and you will see that I have proposed another event :)
    5. Abaddon
      ~~~~~Guys, only just heard about this (my fault for never browsing OT threads). I couldn't have made it anyway since my better half and I were in the New Forest this past weekend (having reached one of those "anywhere on the planet would be preferable to London right now") moments. Hope you had a good time anyway, which judging by all that alcohol you probably did, and if there's another one in the offing at any point do let me know. Unless you don't want me there, of course. I'd understand.~~~~~

      I started a New Thread...
    6. bigdog5994
      you are correct sir Blind Willie is the best Blues singer
    7. Courtjester1
      Hi, i created a thread asking for animations here, and someone told me I should ask you. Could you help me out?
    8. marciv
      I have just downloaded the Desert and the Mountain which I want to play on C3 Complete. I am using Vista. However, I cannot install it within the Conquests/Scenario folder without a biq file. I am not very good with PCs in fact I don't even know what 'biq ' stands for! but I believe that is what is lacking. f you can help I would be obliged. I have been sucessful with other equally large DLs recently as they all have biq files eg TCW TGW. Thanks.,
    9. HorseSoldier
      I think I started a thread in the wrong sub-forum.

      I am Horsesoldier and I uploaded a couple of Tech icons in the Creation & Customization Forum instead of Graphics Modpacks.

      Thread is titled New Tech Icons - Today's date

      Should it be moved?

      Sorry if I done bad..........
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    Mar 30, 1976 (Age: 43)
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    I walked all the way from East St Louis, never had but that one, one thin dime. I laid my head in a New York woman's lap, she laid her little cute head in mine. She tried to make me believe by the rattlings of her tongue the sun would never, never shine.


    Try the Anglo-Saxon scenario... Or can you build an empire of Africa? A list of units. Sensible religion discussion.

    Undiscovered Worlds: my world-building project.
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