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    New Version - July 17th (7-17)

    Can't download from mega
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    Problem with Spring update in Linux Mint 18.1

    After spring update i just can't play the game. When firing up the game the main menu is gone. I just have the blue world map with no buttons. The 2k logo is greyed as in no connection. I'm in Linux Mint 18.1 with a PC with Nvidia GTX1060 using the propietary driver. Before the update it played...
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    Poll: AI Balance of Power. Discuss and Vote on the current state of balance

    I've only played five games with the mod so I'm not an experienced CBP player. The most unbalanced mechanic I've found is religious passive pressure. I've had games where my religion surprisingly has spread the whole map without even tried to spread manually, wiping out almost every other...
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    Tips for taking cities

    The key to conquering and sieging cities in Civ 6 is understanding how walls work. Walls add a separate blue health bar to each city, and here’s the key: Regular units can’t do much damage to cities that have walls. Normal units only do 15% of their normal damage to city walls and don’t make a...
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    The Civ5 Guide

    Just noticing that Altitude training given by Mt Kilimanjaro is missing in the Natural Wonders part, even the NW itself doesn't appear in the list.
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