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  • Hey, i don't want to be a killjoy or anything, but your color in my game is really really close to ailed's, to help keep from having too much confusion, is there another color you want? If not its fine, just don't want people getting confused.
    My game is launching soon - ideally Tuesday, or tomorrow if people submit extra info - if you're still interested in joining.
    Hey Poly, Just want to know that I really miss you and that I hope you are doing well.

    Hope to see you again soon, and I hope that whatever is going on you are safe, well, and happy.

    Lots of love


    I hope everything is okay in your private life. Come back when all is well if you want to.

    The Yuan Empire would make a good ally and a greater trade partner to the UAR if we manage to restore China as one. For the oneness of China aid us against our rivals and you will be rewarded with a great friend.
    Do you have 1 or 2 preferred nations from that list, or do you want to play all of those equally? Just checking.
    A reminder that campaigning and endorsements for CityIOT are due by 10:00 PM EST tomorrow; new candidates have until 2:00 AM to declare their campaign.
    The Macar are wishing to set a proper trade post; set one of your focus points to us and we will in turn set one of ours for our trade.
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