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  • Oh, yeah, it is fine :)! I got the inspiration to that avatar from.. from one of my neighbors :D! So, it is Monty visiting my place and jamming with my quite new Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster. He said it sucks. He plays only Fender. Actually he is more into B.C. Rich, Schecter and other badass (and terrible) looking guitars. Anyways, I think its a good 1st electric guitar and I like it. It just doesn't have humbucker, which would be nice to have... Hmm.. How about putting Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio in? :D
    Oh, I see. Fender Music Master :) (checked it out from google :p). Definetely not a Strat, hehe. You own a copy of "MM" (Mansa Musa guitar)? I've been thinking of getting either "Squier Classic Vibe" guitar or "Epiphone LP standard/studio/custom pro".
    Hi pomthom!

    Is that your Stratocaster on the avatar, or what is it (can't see so good from the small pic)? Just going to buy first electric guitar next week to take over my current Yamaha C40 aqoustic :)!
    I can't watch cfc while at work, but I'll check in before u play tmr. Best in SG is to post a pre-turns plan so the team has some ground to work on. :)
    K-Mod Fan Club accepts K-Mod and cake fans alike. We already have at least one member that is only there for the cake and there is more than enough cake to go around. Plus I want more members than the C2C group. So join! Really! Do it!
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