Mar 17, 2007
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Archiving Civ3 Content, from Ohio

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    1. Tealdragon204
      Having another issue with your editor. It doesn't seem to open unit_32.pcx files, I have been able to work around this by simply using the built in game editor to edit units but I figured I'd let you know if you weren't already aware.
    2. Tealdragon204
      Been using your CIV3 editor, exported a save but now cannot open it in another instance or with the default Civ3Editor, fortunately I still have the original file open but I cannot open autosaves either.

      I can send you the logs, just trying to figure out what went wrong
      1. Quintillus
        Please do send the logs (quintillus at warpmail dot net), as well as the BIQ in its current state. That sort of incident is rare but is always a top priority to investigate; unfortunately without the log or BIQ it is very difficult to discover the cause as it's usually a combination of factors that cause the issue.
        Jan 9, 2021
    3. simon2000
      Can you send me a CIV3 BIQ file format document? My email is 331965963@qq.com Thank you very much.
    4. WildWeazel
      Hi, I'd like to chat about some specific technical challenges related to Civ3 if you have the time. I'm on Steam, Discord, Hangouts, etc.
      1. Quintillus
        Forgot to reply right away and just remembered, but I'd be up for that. I'll send you contact info via PM.
        Jan 28, 2018
    5. samjones75
      Hey, huge civ 3 fan here but not super tech savoy. I am running CIV 3 from steam on windows 10 on a mac with parallels and a Mac cd copy on a Mac. The map editor is not on either one. I tried downloading your version but could not get it to work. I think that feature would be so cool and I'm desperate to figure it out. Any advice? I've read all the forums and still cant get it working.
    6. choxorn
      I'll get around to it at some point, I'm sure. Kind of busy with college stuff for the next 2 weeks or so, maybe after that?
    7. agonistes
      I don't use autosave, have started a new game since. But I'll send you or post the save I have, you can do with it what you will.
    8. Duke of Britain
    9. timerover51

      Thanks for all of your work with me, and I will just have to wait a little while before I can use the editor. As I said, I do have the fall back position of using it on my Windows game editing box. Take care.

      Sincerely Yours,
      Dale R. Ridder
      aka Timerover 51
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