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  • I can't be, sorry: I'm going out in a few minutes, and am rarely at liberty at this time of day. I'll probably be on later.
    In Orcs and Humans, would you like to trade 300 gold for 400 lumber? I need gold but have plenty of lumber, and you need plenty of lumber to work on those fort improvements of yours. Win win.
    Quisani, SprylliNES IV could do with a story from you if you still have time and interest. :)

    To Venezuela
    From Guatemala

    Guatemala is more than willing to accept Venezuela's generosity and is even more eager to engage in a scientific exchange.

    What exactly did you do? I am thinking of Spending 1EP to help you expand the facility and populate it with my scientists. They can then work in tandem with yours.

    Is this suitable/acceptable?
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