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    Poll: Suggested Change to OCC (One City Challenge)

    If nothing changed in the last year both the conquered city and the assaulting unit instantly disappear in OCC.
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    Poll: Suggested Change to OCC (One City Challenge)

    While you're at it, I'd like you to fix the behaviour of the assaulting melee unit dealing the last blow disappearing as well please, teleporting it to a nearby hex or some other workaround.
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    Stalker0's State of the Mod - 1/11/2022

    Human Exploit: queue a different building/unit to be produced before the wonder you're interested. Wait for all AI turns to end (any distrupt action will take effect on your 0-hammer random building/unit you just started) and during CS/barbarian turn enter the city panel and cancel the queue. At...
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    Stalker0's State of the Mod - 1/11/2022

    I wouldn't mind going back to the original spy system either (or have an option to), it felt dynamic enough without acting as a minigame on its own; late game spies cost way too much micro to be an enjoyable mechanic if you ask me.
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    Does the AI like Tradition too much?

    Deity AI policy picks are set in stone. Going by memory there're 20 Tradition, 15 Authority and only 5 default Progress. [Edited after better checking some games] A bunch of Tradition AIs have very little synergy with GPs or GAs, and in many games they might benefit from a wide progress...
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    How jungles can make for terrible starts

    He's on Communitu or some other map script, those are not default jungle yields (and jungle always spawns over plains in vanilla/vp)
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    How jungles can make for terrible starts

    You're playing on a mapscript that makes jungle grassland and hills worth 3 :c5food: opposed to the default 2 :c5food: 1 :c5production:, no wonder you're lacking early hammers.
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    Deity AI first policy pick

    At Deity difficulty AIs are railroaded in the choice of their first policy, they always pick the same tree no matter the circumstances. This choice is usually a fitting one so I like for the narrowed selection to stay at the highest level, but a few civ picks are in my opinion flawed. As a...
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    6-7 New Beta Version

    We're almost gold!:woohoo:
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    A quick recap of current Indonesia unique luxuries: Cloves: +1 :c5gold: +1 :c5science: +2:c5food: when improved +6 :c5happy: global monopoly Pepper: +1 :c5gold: +1 :c5food: +2 :c5gold: +2 :c5food: when improved +3 :c5food: each tile monopoly Nutmeg: +2 :c5gold: +1 :c5culture: +2:c5food: when...
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    I understand the concern but afterall it'd be quite thematic for Spain to be a very early exploring civ. You wouldn't be able to follow up with a proper army/navy for a while and that'd give natives the chance they had irl :mischief: Especially if the knight UU stopped being the powerhouse it is...
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    rofl, I was going to applaud this proposed change but this made me wonder :lol: zeppelins are just a stupid unit tbh, they alter too much the scout line. Also, while this change looks good for players, I think the AI avoids fighting with its explorers, nor builds many of them. Tbh I'm not even...
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    What are Your Bottom 3 "Least well-Designed Civs"?

    Civs that boom very late (Germany above all, but also France and Sweden despite being strong unlock their uniques a bit too late), civs that are very terrain dependant (Incas and Iroquois the main offenders here), civs that are pidgeholed into a conquest game from the get go, but are annoying to...
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    What are your Top 3 best "designed" civs?

    I'm quite slow at playing the game hence I'm biased toward early civs 1. Aztecs Fun early game, cheap and quick UU with good synergy with both UA and UB. It also rewards ending wars quick, unique gameplay and avoids unnecessary slogs. 2. Carthage It has the potential to snowball very hard...
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