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    About Vassal State

    What if i wanna play a mod scenario like GIANT EARTH MAP? Or a custom scenario like some Earth Map (X Civs) ? I dont play non-earth maps =(
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    About Vassal State

    :goodjob:Ok here i was playing the lastest version of my BTS expansion on a Earth Map, having fun and destroying lots of dudes... Suddenly the dude i was killing became Vassal of the strongest civ and 'bang', now i got bunch of others at war with me. For me, is game over, cant deal so many and...
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    Strategy discussion

    Hi Rod, have you updated your guide for Egyptian already? Iam on RCF 1.984 Vanila version and having a few problems and synchronization. Good guide btw, cant wait to learn RCF through it. CHeers, EDIT: Ive been redoing it and the 24th move worker only gets ready on the 25th here... This 1...
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