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Sep 12, 2015
Nov 26, 2009
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God-Emperor of Mankind, from Cruithne

Ravus_Sol was last seen:
Sep 12, 2015
    1. arya126
      Update. Check social group. We need to mobilize and plan.
    2. ilduce349
      would you be interested in joining my new Fued game?
    3. arya126
      Just saw you logged on yesterday. Do you plan on rejoining RP2?
    4. arya126
      Why are you still offline??? We need you! Without you and whosit and all the old hats...the game is turning into something bad.
    5. Dem Taqat
      Dem Taqat
      Ravus, if you tell us who ordered Mechs assassination, you will be released immidiately. (no need though, the voters likely to release you anyway)
    6. NinjaCow64
      You know that RP2 has started, right?
    7. Aysee
      FYI, I was speaking of Sunday night in my PM... Careless old me forgot to put the date in. Apologies.

      BTW, Get on chat.
    8. Aysee
      I’m thinking along the lines of making it look like a Russian crackdown… Having the people move in and slaughter everyone, wreaking havoc, grabbing Catherine and getting out. Hopefully, we create enough chaos in the Ukranian organization to buy us some time to get our people out, and getting Peter to make some concessions.

      However, I’m starting to warm to the idea of letting the Ukranians be executed, and hoping that Peter declares war, thus setting him up as the antagonist… This, of course, depends on us having the superior army.
    9. Aysee
      I'm thinking of having them retrieve Catherine... In no way can England be implicated in the operation; could they do something like that?
    10. Aysee
      Would the MiB's be up to a covert operation?
    11. Lighthearter
      Realpolitik update! I can do this stuff relatively on time! And there's an issue that needs you attention:mischief:.
    12. arya126
      CALL A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE!!! Please! ilduce is president and he has already suggested that we close all our borders to all nations! You are the only one that can do that (it now starts electiosn over again).
    13. Aysee
      What think you of Whosit's proposal?
    14. arya126
      I havent turned off anything...aysee is PMing me just fine. I only have 6 PMs left until its full though. Ill empty it tomorow.

      If you try again and still cant let me know so i can send you a PM and you can reply to it.
    15. arya126
      Oka, here it is. Aysee has agreed to a coalition. But, he would prefer it if i wasnt prez. So i said we would let you decide who would be prez, ME OR YOU. But either way, hes in.

      See my VMs for more info.
    16. Cull
      In case you couldn't tell, our brokering of info is done. For real.
    17. arya126
      I didnt actually hurt stonehegne, if that makes it any better.

      But if your going to send your MiB after me once i leave nottingham, then im ready. They wont find me, although i would be sorry to see it some to that.
    18. Cull
      You going to post in the main thread?
    19. Lighthearter
      Just so you know, I didn't RAZE Ravus-York, I just, umm, flattened most everything in it. Just looking for an awesome ending. Besides, I lost the tactical battle and I was looking for a way to somewhat realistically turn it around as best I could. Sorry anyway though.
    20. Cull
      Realpolitk: Coalition? A coalition of monks as well as ninja-pirates would be fun, and still serve as a swing vote/coalition.
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