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Aug 28, 2020
May 20, 2012
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Mercantilist, from In isolation

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Aug 28, 2020
    1. Robert FIN
      Robert FIN
      Merry Xmas rfcfanatic :)! Happy holidays to you!
    2. Robert FIN
      Robert FIN
      I don't know if you read books at all, but 'cause we were talking about them earlier, let's continue with the topic :lol:! I've been reading Conn Iggulden's book series named Conqueror. It tells the story of the great mongolian Khan called Temüdžin or later on Tšingis. They're one of he best books I've read. He has also written book series called Emperor. Its a story of one of the greatest leaders of history, Julius Caesar of Rome. Many Civ 4 leaders have many books what tells the story of their lives! EDIT: I'm reading the second part of the Conqueror series.
    3. Robert FIN
      Robert FIN
      Yes, James Clavell is the writer. I'm reading the Shogun-book now. I recommend it :) Are you playing at prince lvl now? I just tried prince lvl out in IU90 and got owned by Shaka o'Backstabber :lol: Can't wait for next NC game. Hopefully see ya there. Btw I just had birthday :p
    4. rfcfanatic
      Yep, Toku is an interesting leader. Good war traits and never opens borders. Haven't actually played much as him, but I'm gonna try out.

      James Clavell's novel Shogun? I haven't read it, but from Wikipedia review it seems to be an interesting story.
    5. Robert FIN
      Robert FIN
      Oh, seems like you have a new avatar! That's AWESOME! I like the RL Tokugawa. Have you read the book called Shogun? Its story about 1600AD Japan and Tokugawa is one of the characters. Really interesting :) Shame that Firaxis decided to make him a really bad leader to play as...
    6. Robert FIN
      Robert FIN
      Tere Tulemast! :lol:
    7. Robert FIN
      Robert FIN
      Hey! Seems like we are about in same lvl in civ iv! I just wanted to ask if you want to join my new "civ hour" game. Read more about it. You can find it from "strategy and tips" forums :)
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