• Paradox Games has announced today their new game “Millennia”, a semi-historical turn-based 4X game. Find out more here .
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  • RFC Europe is not made by me, actually. Please answer this in the RFC Europe forum.
    There is a problem with your "RFC Europe" mod!
    I put the folder "RFC Europe" to Beyond the Sword/Mods, the I run it, but it can't load!
    What's the problem?
    Please, Rhye!
    Can you create Rhye's and Fall of Civilization for Colonization? (2008)

    (name: Rhye's and Fall of Colonization:lol:)
    Have fun! And be careful in Sorrento. There you may find fantastic pizzas, but watch out for pickpockets
    I'm going to Italy on a Classical Studies trip! Goin' to Rome, then Sorrento. We're going to be looking at the catacombs, Pompeii(girls), everything(especially girls, though)!
    love your work Rhye. how can I download your other scenarios+mods from civfanatics? (all I have is the earth 3000 BC and earth 600 AD)
    Are you going to create a kind of Rhye's and Fall of Civilization map for Colonization?
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