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  • Saw you over in the Chamber threads, didn't know you were still active. What have you been doing with your time?
    I was just going to ask you about the elections. Where do you live, btw? I mean, where besides Cuba would you get such great health care?
    Still, we have a thousand years of capitalism and 200 years of bourgeois rule to overturn. So, setbacks are expected. But with Cooperation amongst progressive nations in the Americas and a worldwide rejection of neo-liberalism are cause for hope. Again, take care.
    Nice to hear RT. After all, the youth are the future. However, after having learned about the distraous result of the Norwegian parlamentary election (I don't live in Norway anymore) where it looks like Norway is getting its worst government for many decades, plus the Syria situation I prefer to curb my enthusiasm for the time being.
    Hey Richard Cribb. Speaking if looking on the positive side - all over America youngsters are stepping up to take on the mantle of leadership in the movement for change. Ten new under-thirty organizers this year. Be of good cheer!
    Hey Mr. Cribb. I was wondering if you caught the new BBC "Ripper Street?" Is it me, or is it Richard Cribb for the ADHD set? I happen to like it, especially the "Police are not gunslingers" angle. Please let me know. It is my only substitute until I find the BBC Richard Cribb Series.
    I'm looking for some good introductory books on Marxism- any suggestions? Cheezy already recommended "History and Class Consciousness" by Lukacs and "An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory" by Mandel.
    Hello Richard !

    Can I be a member of the The League of Extraordinary Ungentlemen ?

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