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  • Hey you ran out of PM Space! - it's ok though, I had a few more messages I can forward at any time. I'll get back to you tonight
    hey robbiecon, a large mafia game should probably start sign ups. Have you and earthling been in contact over the simpsons game? From what I understand that's for the most part fully written. I'd be looking forward to it.
    Real (Scotch) whisky of course!…… ;)

    Irish people think Gaelic is complicated because, well, frankly, English is a rather poor, simple language and by comparison Gealic is 'difficult'. I grew up speaking English and Spanish indistinctly so incorporating a third language hasn't been very hard on me, you somehow learn to make mental boxes and separate stuff. In Ireland you're bombarded by English-language media without much resistance by Gaelic speakers, so it's natural that most people would feel Gaelic to be the 'foreign' or 'nonsensical' language :)

    Cultural assimilation has been achieved! :assimilate:
    Of course it's Scottish Gaelic! You people decided to mess with the language, taking out muted letters, etc. etc. and now you language is incomprehensible!

    P.S.: if you start on the whole 'English is Ireland's language now' bandwagon, then your English is incomprehensible too :p
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