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  • Oh and it's not big. TortoiseSVN is a quick download (I think, I downloaded it a while ago) and after that updating to the latest revision isn't any bigger than the current download.
    Lol ok. Not having the SVN is sort of missing out though, just letting you know.

    And thanks for checking it out.
    Ya, there's a button to the left when you're editing a page that allows you to put the page into categories. Non existing ones get automatically created
    Please take back your order to economically dominate Ceylon. It has and still is one of my claims, and I intended to take it this turn, as I have now put in my orders.

    I apologize for this misunderstanding.
    Russia asks as compensation the gross sum of $4.5 billion. And a pledge not to expand any further into Historic European Russia. Deal?
    ehh. It would be a regret if our two nations were forever embroiled in petty land feuds. Arkhangels'k was historically the great port of Russia. Perhaps we could sit down and settle a mutual border?

    EDIT: Just saw the main forum. No, I won't stand for it. I want Southern Russia. You have all of Siberia to expand into for goodness sakes. All I'm asking for is Southern Russia.
    No, the Arkangels'k area is RUSSIAN territory, you hear?

    However, I'll trade you the kola peninsula for it if you want
    IOT2: Would you consider joining ATAPA, a defensive organization that seeks to keep peace in Asia, as well as enriching trade and the arts? Currently, ATAPA has six members and I hope I speak for the group when I say that we would love for you to join.
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