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  • Jacques is a poor planner, but he's fantastic at actually doing things and coming up with ideas on the spot that will work quite well. If Forrest doesn't mind a procrastinator he'd be great for the job. As a side note, he's bipolar (well, the 19th century folks would call it manic depression), so that may effect the way you write about him.
    I wouldn't do it alone. I would bring people with me. I would also be disguised and discreet. As for offensives, I would be forgiving. If people give up before fighting I would be kind to them. If they do fight I would be ruthless. I would lead the soldiers and remind them of how great our home is. I would try to avoid fighting where possible unless it is a key point of nerves to strike at. As for prisoners. If they are white and not of severe importance, I make them PoWs. If they are slaves then they become workers for the army I am leading.
    IC, my military tactics would be ruthless. If I am not able to take over cities by force and not able to think of a stratagem to take the city with some trick despite being outnumbered, I would just starve the city into submission. STANDARD MORALITY DISCLAIMER (these don't represent my personal views): With regards to prisoners, if they're white, spare them as they could be useful/brainwashable, otherwise kill them/enslave them. Let Bavy survive under a "probationary" period where he can rule Texas at gunpoint. If he eventually becomes loyal, restrictions can be loosened on him a bit, but if he shows the slightest signs of disobedience (spies will be planted to pick up things I'm not supposed to hear), execute him for treason.
    Well,i would prepare an army of slave and mercenaries in the new formed nation and send spies to assassinate the confederate leader
    I'd probably give him (Forrest) all the autonomy that he wants, and have a hands of-policy toward it. My guy is really at heart a cutthroat businessman, and he'll do almost anything to make a dollar.
    My character would start a country in Texas called "The slave states of Texas"
    My character would liked if they all became slaves. If they refused it,then kill all of them. Also, I plan to make poor white families in Texas slaves too and make slaves an object
    I'd like that. I've got a...well, somewhat brutal depiction of Lester's character I want to fit in as well, it's nothing overtly gory, but it is definitely trying to stay true to the history. I'll add the spoiler and run it by you first as well. What's more is your idea sounds amazing. I think the aristocracy could rally behind Forrest when faced with an extreme threat, either the Union or slave rebellions. Forrest could also manufacture a crisis to get the aristocracy to support him and give him near absolute power.
    My character would be very tactical but militant. He would think things through but would not hesitate to slit throats when he needs to (hypothetical throats).
    hi, I'm taking applications for a new ministerium for my empire in Tryst with Destiny. Wanna apply ? There are five positions each can take multiple applications. The samrat (that's me) choses the position ultimately.
    Hi.please join my Iranian story.we currently re started and we need more people
    Sorry if I offended you when I started up my Realpolitik. I intend it to be very different from what your IAAR is, nearly like a NES, and in no way copy you except the civ itself. My inspiration was my failed Venice Realpolitik, and I wanted to make a Realpolitik about a government about which I'm familiar with, and the USA best fits that.

    On the subject of composition, I had a great time at camp. I really did jump outside my comfort zone and I composed quite a few atonal pieces that were very well received.
    Hey thanks. I actually picked the name when I was a teenager, and am not sure where I got it from.
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