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  • Yes agree with all of that.

    Sucks that you can't have fun. :sad: You should've been around in the golden days where SGs were a regular thing. Lots of fun and creative variants to mix things up. Taxman was great, but also the entire "UNGY" series I played in. If for some reason civ 6 is announced and it doesn't completely suck the first thing I'd do is start SGing again.

    The controller I use is this:
    And the emulator I run it on is called JNES -- recommended.

    I have neither a NES nor a TV atm so it's a necessity, and it lets me revisit all those old goodies and see if I can still beat them. :D
    In fact, all NES games a la Castlevania is a mix of challenge that comes more from your own ability than just a broken interface. The why those games provide such a high level of satisfaction when won than, let say, ulterior Castlevania (XP systems) or games that give no challenge (everything given on a silver plate). It does for certain, but certainly not me.
    Got angry and razed my profile. Tabula rasa. Sometimes, I need to destroy stuff.

    NES controller+PC emulator wut? Not sure to catch. I know what is a NES (heck I still played NES while people were at N64) and what a computer game, but both. Some special adaptator?

    BTW, lucky ya for taxman. Seems I'll never have fun with the community except on zzz-generating code diving.
    Ah, you recognized it, well done! :ninja:

    It's a classic, I busted out a NES controller and started playing it for old times sake on my PC on an emulator recently -- so good!

    And LOL @ civ 5 comment. Touche.

    P.S. What happened to your "wall/visitor messages", can't post reply there.
    Are we talking about civ 5 still? If so yes, it really has tarnished the whole series/franchise. :sad: Does ANYBODY like it? :confused:

    I wish I could just discover civ 4 all over again. Can count the number of civ 4 games I've played the last 2-3 years on one hand unfortunately -- been there done that.
    Hello again,
    it is a certain Toku (you may already crossed this thread if you go in S&T subforum regularly) in a far away peninsula (a terrible peninsula) and his direct neighbour is shaka. Past Shaka, you have leaders that are prone to be runaways...

    Not the hardest (but hard for someone like me who just got initiated to deity) but an interesting challenge. My difficulty was the recovery and losing internet made me sad.

    Here's the said thread. I know you have BUFFY otherwise you wouldn't participate SGOTM.

    And thanks for the reply.
    Hey Rusten! May I ask a lil something? Plox.
    You see there is a certain game I would really want to see you shadow it. Kossin rated 6/10 of difficulty but no one won it yet...

    Plox, at least, reply for yes or no.
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