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Sarah Starlight
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Jul 19, 2012
Jul 6, 2012
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Sarah Starlight


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Jul 19, 2012
    1. SargontheGreat2
      Hey Sarah. I'm a civilization guy in training for the base team, helping a little bit with adding more civs. Glad to hear of the Armada to Asention mod, we would like a little help in the future era. Keep working hard!
    2. rightfuture
      Nice to meet you, Loki / Sarah!

      I'm sorry it's under these circumstances.
      I'm really under more serious health concerns than I really do not want to burden others with.
      I will let you know immediately when you can count on me to make progress.

      If you are you referring to the Idea Tracker I am on it as soon as I can come up for air.
      I would like to transform it before MrAzure gets back.

      It would help me greatly if you could possibly lay out a few more details of what you want to specifically see and where, I could catch up make as fast a running start as soon as possible. I could use some specific advice on where exactly to start. I'm sure I'll catch on quickly.

      I appreciate your participation while MrAzure is gone, I hope you will find out how great C2C can be for yourself.
      Thanks for helping me focus, extreme dizziness, is a major part of the symptoms I've had over the last few weeks.

      I am always open to your suggestions.
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