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    Favorite Civs?

    Im enjoying the new civs but my favorite will always be Arabia. The music is awesome (i know, a stupid reason to love a civ but it really is!), The camel archer is fun and kicks butt, the double oil is great for me late game because i love to use tanks, and i love to have desert tiles to build...
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    When do you ragequit?

    a couple of things push my buttons. The main one is when you have spent 40 turns building a wonder and 1 turn before you have it another civ has built it. grrrr. Another is, it seems like when you are killing a barbarian encampment for a city state quest with an archer, all the other civ...
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    Alright, I suck at BNW...

    thank you for the tip. that was very helpful with my game as Assyria today. I like to win via diplomacy and culture. These days im more of a lover than a fighter :) a funny side note: i just dug up and gave an artifact to the barbarians :lol:
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    Wow, Indonesia...

    you only get the resources for one per new island or continent. if you want more you will have to settle somewhere else. x
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    Wow, Indonesia...

    Gave Indonesia another shot today and it was actually a great game. Continents. King Level. The nutmeg and cloves provided Excellent bargaining chips with other civs. Put those on the trade table and you get anything you want, no questions asked. It was an epic all day battle that i lost to...
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    Caravans during war

    Yea this just happened to me, i was wondering where they went. I was playing Venice and me with my small 1 city colony and they all had 6+, both declared war on me at the same time. i lost all my trade routes and money went to basically nothing. Im not really digging Venice...maybe its just...
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    Wow, Indonesia...

    played Indonesia tonight. definitely not my favorite civ. Its too much effort to set upo in order to take advantage of the benefits. will move on to Shoshone tomorrow and maybe come back to indo one day when im bored.
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    Archaeology is AWESOME

    it sure is! its my favorite new feature. still unsure about a couple things. when you dig outside your own borders and it asks you if you want to give it to another city state or civilization, are you still getting the benefits of the find. as in 2+ culture etc, or does everything go to another...
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    Share Your First BNW Experiences Here

    just finished my first game. I played as Morocco. I won the game through a cultural victory but i dont know how lol. i need to go and read up on how to use all the new features to their best advantage. Some good points: love the new civ choices. The trading caravans are a nice addition and im...
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    Bugs/Balance Issues

    ive been getting that too. im not sure if now it will only let you buy a tile every say 20 turns or there really is something wrong with it. when i come back a few turns later it is enabled again. never used to do this.
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    Bugs/Balance Issues

    ohhh ok. thank you. xx
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    Bugs/Balance Issues

    im playing as Morocco and im not getting any religion. Every other civ has a religion but me. Im up to turn 300 and have all the religious buildings. other civs have inundated my cities with their religion etc. this is weird.
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    Countdown to Brave New World Pack

    7 hours to gooo :)
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    I Hate Elephants

    I have found the best way to deal with them is let ur town hit them first, then an archer or a crossbow, then attack them with mounted units. It's the only way I've been able to Kill them in the past.
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    Archipelago - Hunts Galor

    Archi is my favorite type of map because I really get off on the exploration side of things. I play immortal and usually only have 2 civs declare war on me which can be easily kept at bay with a few land units and a crossbow in each city. Try the map on immortal level, the AI is slightly...
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