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    SCH0003 - Exploring The Arcane

    In two weeks I have finals so I won't be able to play, and I'll have no internet until the 4th. The turns so far are good, and we have a nice variety of resources.
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    Fall of Cuantine feedback

    Rosier and Decius fell at/because of Cuantine.
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    Chronicles of Erebus: People of the Wand

    I'm glad you like it. I :) I played another 30 turns and so far no Hippus. There are some other interesting leaders, which will great for the story.
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    The Splintered Court feedback

    When I won as the Ljosafar (Gilden is OP) I was unhappy with the ending. It made the scenario (I played as Arendel Phaedra) a little pointless. Stil loved it though.
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    The Splintered Court feedback

    Kael is working on making minor leaders come into the game when you make a colony. All Svartalfar leaders have the sinister trait. It grants recon units the Sinister promotion, which gives +1 attack strength.
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    Grand Menagerie feedback

    The only improvment I can think of is a Giant Spider intro (You can be gifted the necessary tech by Keelyn), as well as renaming the towns. I dislike that Jubilee and Innsmouth are on the same island, as so close.
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    Fall From Heaven Leader's Tale - Valledia the Even

    Quoted for ditto. I too read the story and loved it. I hope another starts so I can at least read it.
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    Chariots: Cut or Keep?

    I love the mounted line for almost any civilization. My only beef with it is different units in it are similar, only with varying strength/withdrawal. In melee there are immortals, recon has assasin vs. ranger paths, magic has spell spheres, and divine has divine magic/many upper tier units...
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    Resetting Sceanarios

    If I wanted to restart my path how would I do so? Do I need a complete reinstallation? ie. I won as the Ljosalfar in the Splintered Court, and won Lord of the Balors. I want to experience the Black Tower with the Svartalfar, and Take on hordes of demons in other sceanrios. Is this possible...
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    The Black Tower

    I helped Beeri in the Momus, but my cities cannot be Luchurip.
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    SCH0003 - Exploring The Arcane

    I'd go fpr settling 1NW. You'd gain a sheep and fresh water, as well as lose several water tiles. Water tiles are much weaker than in BtS, and all we'd havein the BFC would be 2 clams, which could be improved by a later, more profitable, coastal city.
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    The Splintered Court feedback

    1) A quick fix is switch your allies off the tech a turn before you finish the tech so you can build it first. 2) The 2 Svartalfar minor leaders have speacial units. Volanna starts with a hunter with hero, and Rivanna starts with a Great Commander. These can become very powerful if used...
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    The Splintered Court feedback

    I just defeated Volanna as Amelanchier(Gilden is spectacular) and the event concerning Duin called me the winter court, though the option called me the summer court. BTW is there a reason Falamar is on the map?
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    Favourite Scenario

    1) Into the desert (both sides are fun) 2) Lord of Balors (Story for Keelyn/Varn is great, and the demonic dukes are fun to fight, as are the deal events) 3) The Cult (I liked the mix of the epic game with dungeons)
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    Into the Desert feedback

    Wouldn't the nest way to solve the choose religion problem, be finding Varn/razing Dirge give you the founding tech? I've been getting the Kane map CtD as well, as well as map trading with Ethne (don't know about Faeryl/Arturus). This is my favourite sceanario so far, I really like Deius...
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