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Jan 15, 2021 at 8:08 PM
Jun 9, 2008
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Jul 19, 1991 (Age: 29)
Chicago, IL

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La Femme Moderne, 29, from Chicago, IL

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Jan 15, 2021 at 8:08 PM
    1. Mouthwash
      You told me to read a "Cambridge, Oxford, or Princeton University Press-published book" if I wanted to read history. But it's not exactly easy for me to find such books (their websites are useless).
    2. Masada
      [17:27] <+Masada> I was circumsied too

    3. Masada
      [17:02] <wrymouth3> You know who is also a jew
      [17:02] <wrymouth3> Masada
      [17:02] <wrymouth3> He's a Maori Jew
      [17:02] <caketastydelish> I don't believe it
      [17:03] <wrymouth3> He's that rabbi in the movie Once Were Warriors
      [17:04] <caketastydelish> even I have better jewish 'credentials' than Masada
      [17:04] <wrymouth3> Are you sure
      [17:04] <caketastydelish> he has nothing, otherthan simply being from New Zealand and emigrating to Germany.
      [17:05] <wrymouth3> Can you blow a shofar and make paella rain out?
      [17:05] <wrymouth3> Masada can
      [17:05] <wrymouth3> That's how we prove Jews are true Jews
      [17:05] <caketastydelish> I was circumcised. Masada wasn't
    4. Masada
      [16:54] <wrymouth3> Don't you remember what Napoleon said?
      [16:54] <wrymouth3> He had to get a group of Jews and ask them
      [16:54] <+Masada> Jews are Khazars
      [16:54] <+Masada> and have no link to the Holy Land
      [16:54] <Luckymoose> but then hitler killed them all and all the fake jews moved to the desert
      [16:54] <wrymouth3> "Are you actually people?"
      [16:54] <+Masada> so that is true wry in a sense
      [16:54] <Luckymoose> they should have taken Madagascar
      [16:54] <Luckymoose> much more potential
      [16:55] <Luckymoose> I wish the USA would shake down the jews moneylenders
      [16:55] <+Masada> should I tell him guyz?
      [16:55] <Luckymoose> we could use the injection of cash
      [16:55] <Luckymoose> jewish
    5. Masada
      [16:53] <caketastydelish> yes
      [16:53] <Luckymoose> we have pits for your people
      [16:53] <Luckymoose> report to yours
      [16:53] <+Masada> Rootless cosmopolitian and culture magpie in other words
      [16:53] <+Masada> can jews even be americans?
      [16:54] <caketastydelish> yes, I think Jon stewart might be one
      [16:54] <Luckymoose> he isn't a real jew
      [16:54] <wrymouth3> Psssh
      [16:54] <Luckymoose> he's a pretend jew
      [16:54] <caketastydelish> like me?
      [16:54] <wrymouth3> Jews can't even be people!
      [16:54] <Luckymoose> jews were real
      [16:54] <Luckymoose> once
    6. Masada
      [16:52] <caketastydelish> who will sponser my bar-mitzvah, then?
      [16:52] <+Masada> zionism is evil
      [16:52] <Luckymoose> I mean
      [16:52] <+Masada> once you have done that
      [16:52] <wrymouth3> Masada not only celebrates 9/11
      [16:52] <+Masada> you should convert to allah
      [16:52] <wrymouth3> He is a cannibal too
      [16:52] <wrymouth3> Oh crap!
      [16:52] <+Masada> and join the brotherhood
      [16:52] <Luckymoose> if I'd never seen the enemy of Anglophones everywhere
      [16:53] <Luckymoose> phew
      [16:53] <wrymouth3> I shouldn't have mentioned that
      [16:53] <caketastydelish> I'm only half irish.
      [16:53] <+Masada> muhammad (PBUH) said nothing about cannabalism
      [16:53] <Luckymoose> Irish Jewish Persian nationalist
      [16:53] <caketastydelish> yes
    7. Masada
      [16:50] <Luckymoose> are you a jew?
      [16:51] <+Masada> caketastydelish could be
      [16:51] <+Masada> he's a persian nationalist
      [16:51] <Luckymoose> you sound like a zionist jew
      [16:51] <+Masada> which suggests he doesn't believe in Allah
      [16:51] <+Masada> so he could be a jew
      [16:51] <Luckymoose> probably is a jew
      [16:51] <caketastydelish> http://civfanatics.wikia. com/wiki/Caketastydelish
      [16:51] <+Masada> he is a jew
      [16:52] <caketastydelish> fair enough.
      [16:52] <+Masada> this explains much
      [16:52] <Luckymoose> so not only are you irish
      [16:52] <Luckymoose> but you also pretend to be iranian AND jewish
      [16:52] <+Masada> you just need to abandon zionism
    8. Masada
      [16:49] <+Masada> were they american government terrorists?
      [16:49] <Luckymoose> anyone doing that is a terrorist
      [16:49] <+Masada> You need to stop painting me as an anti-semite
      [16:49] <+Masada> I love the jews
      [16:49] <+Masada> as people of the book
      [16:49] <+Masada> and why would a persian bring up the jews in connection with 9/11?
      [16:49] <Luckymoose> muslims and jews pray too loud
      [16:49] <Luckymoose> they need to shut the up
      [16:50] <caketastydelish> I'll throw a matzvah ball at you for that
      [16:50] <+Masada> it is a well known fact that jews are noisy people
      [16:50] <+Masada> and all have nasal twangs
      [16:50] <+Masada> it is genetic
      [16:50] <+Masada> not their fault
    9. Masada
      [16:45] <caketastydelish> so you agree with the terrorists behind 9/11 then, Luckymoose?
      [16:45] <+Masada> luckymoose is an america
      [16:45] <+Masada> and a dupe of the government
      [16:45] <+Masada> so of course he does
      [16:45] <+Masada> (no offense luckymoose)
      [16:47] <caketastydelish> do you think theplanning of 9/11 took place for many years, starting with the clinton administration or was it all bush?
      [16:48] <+Masada> no, i have a positive view of bush
      [16:48] <+Masada> he was stupid
      [16:48] <+Masada> and harmless
      [16:48] <+Masada> the military industrial complex was the real cause
      [16:48] <Luckymoose> as in
      [16:48] <caketastydelish> so do you think the jews had to do with it? bobby fischer does.
      [16:48] <Luckymoose> do I know terrorists caused 9/11?
      [16:48] <Luckymoose> yes
      [16:48] <Luckymoose> I can't lose
      [16:49] <+Masada> were they american
    10. Masada
      [16:43] <caketastydelish> yes, it has been banned in many muslim countries.
      [16:43] <caketastydelish> look it up if you don't believe me.
      [16:43] <+Masada> what are you some kind of redneck tea party tard?
      [16:43] <caketastydelish> http://www.theguardian.com/world/2008/nov/24/malaysia-islam-muslims-yo ga-ban
      [16:43] <+Masada> http://www.cai.org/testimonie s/spiritual-deception-yoga
      [16:43] <+Masada> so what
      [16:43] <+Masada> americans want to ban it too
      [16:44] <+Masada> ah, so

      [Luckymoose enters the room]

      [16:44] <+Masada> non-muslims are permitted to do yoga
      [16:44] <+Masada> what is wrong with that?
      [16:44] <caketastydelish> that clearly says scotland, not america
      [16:45] <+Masada> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2066289/Yoga-work-devil-says-Vaticans-c hief-exorcist-doesnt-like-Harry-Potter-either.html
      [16:45] <caketastydelish> stupid scots may ban yoga, but america has freedom of religion.
    11. Masada
      [16:39] <caketastydelish> so if it was an insidejob the whole time why would you celebrate it? Itis only a victory if muslims did it. Since the americans did it themselves it's just stupid.
      [16:40] <+Masada> i am celebrating the proof thatamerica is intellectually bankrupt and that onlyIslam and the Prophet (PBUM) can guide mankind to truth and rightenous
      [16:41] <caketastydelish> so you also supportIslam in the conflict between the hindus and muslims in India, then?
      [16:41] <+Masada> the hindus persecute my brothers and are not people of the book
      [16:42] <+Masada> so of course i support therights of muslims to protest against hindustan and their treatment
      [16:42] <+Masada> what would you have them do?
      [16:42] <caketastydelish> since yoga advocateshindusim (a blasphemous religion in your eyes) should it be banned?
      [16:42] <+Masada> yoga doesn't advocate hinduism
      [16:42] <+Masada> that's stupid
    12. Masada
      [16:36] <caketastydelish> iran has lots ofmountains, it is not a desert country unlike arab countries.
      [16:36] <+Masada> how is that going to help it?
      [16:36] <+Masada> you need to go seek mental help
      [16:36] <+Masada> first you advocate genocide
      [16:36] <+Masada> and now you have gone off on tangeant, no?
      [16:36] <+Masada> besides, 9/11 was an inside job
      [16:36] <caketastydelish> it is not 'genoicde' ifwhom I'm targeting are not actually human beings. We're talking about arabs here.
      [16:37] <+Masada> so i am celebrating not thedeath of americans but the destruction of america's moral center
      [16:37] <caketastydelish> 9/11 was not an inside job.
      [16:37] <+Masada> yes it was
      [16:37] <+Masada> did your CIA handlers tell you to say this?
      [16:37] <caketastydelish> prove it
      [16:37] <+Masada> are they putting you up to it?
      [16:38] <caketastydelish> yes they did.
      [16:38] <+Masada> this website will illuminate you
      [16:38] <+Masada> http://www.911truth.org/
    13. Masada
      [16:32] <+Masada> no i told you to google kabbah, persian dog
      [16:33] <caketastydelish> f u c k you then motherer! ing arabs should be wiped off the planet
      [16:33] <+Masada> it is nice to finally meat the real caketastydelish
      [16:33] <+Masada> a genocidial sociopath
      [16:33] <caketastydelish> mecca must be nuked
      [16:34] <+Masada> it is fortunate that america will surely nuke tehran first
      [16:34] <+Masada> is not allah glorious?
      [16:34] <+Masada> he punishes the wicked
      [16:35] <+Masada> and the sinners
      [16:35] <+Masada> soon tehran shall be destroyed by his hand
      [16:35] <caketastydelish> this is why the arabs are in a desert ********.
      [16:35] <+Masada> along with fars and other such persian dog cities
      [16:35] <caketastydelish> god's way of putting them in their place
      [16:35] <+Masada> persians are not arabs silly
      [16:35] <caketastydelish> I know that. I was talking about arabs, not persians.
    14. Masada
      [16:29] <caketastydelish> hi
      [16:29] <+Masada> ALLAHU AKBAR
      [16:29] <+Masada> ALLAHU AKBAR
      [16:29] <+Masada> ALLAHU AKBAR
      [16:30] <caketastydelish> you are still celebrating 9/11 aren't you?
      [16:30] <+Masada> yes
      [16:30] <+Masada> that video you sent me made me hard
      [16:30] <+Masada> like the kabbah
      [16:30] <caketastydelish> kabbah?
      [16:30] <+Masada> you can just use google persian dog
      [16:31] <+Masada> it is a great american invention
      [16:31] <+Masada> along with predator drones
      [16:31] <+Masada> haha
      [16:31] <caketastydelish> http://adogbreeds.com/ wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Saluki-Dog.jpg
      [16:31] <caketastydelish> I don't get it?
      [16:32] <+Masada> why do you show me picture of filthy kaffir dog?
      [16:32] <caketastydelish> you told me to google 'persian dog'. That's what I got.
    15. Masada
      I am not the mehdi silly.
    16. Masada
      Kill me now... hahahahhaha.
    17. Masada
      [19:30] <+caketastydelish> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lKZqqSI9-s this should put you in a good mood
      [19:30] <+caketastydelish> you know the NSA is tracking this chat, right?
      [19:30] <@Lord_Iggy> it's okay
      [19:31] <@Lord_Iggy> they can't reach masada in deutschland
      [19:31] <+caketastydelish> but they could if he were in Iraq
      [19:32] <+Masada> my german friends won't hand me over silly ****ie dog
      [19:32] <+Masada> shiite*
      [19:32] <+Masada> ****te?
      [19:32] <+Masada> ?
      [19:32] <+Masada> I dunno
      [19:32] <+Masada> *shrug*
      [19:32] <+Masada> good bye
      [19:32] <+caketastydelish> if Germany had oil they would have to hand you over
      [19:32] <+caketastydelish> bye
    18. Masada
      [19:28] <+Masada> in any case i have no further time for discussing this matter
      [19:28] <+caketastydelish> ok
      [19:28] <+Masada> I suggest you convert to Islam
      [19:28] <+caketastydelish> no thanks, I'm a persian nationalist
      [19:28] <+Masada> before the glorious armies of the Caliph arrive at your shores
      [19:28] <+Masada> Nationalism is a false consciousness designed to split Muslims
      [19:29] <+Masada> you are therefore an unknowing tool of the Zionist-Crusaders
      [19:29] <+caketastydelish> Zoraster was a much, much better man than Muhammad.
      [19:29] <+Masada> but since I have now told youof these facts, you will be held accountable in the future when we judge your crimes
      [19:29] <+Masada> that is all
      [19:29] <+Masada> ALLAHU AKBAR
      [19:29] <+caketastydelish> Cyrus was better than allah, bin laden and muhammad put together
      [19:29] <+Masada> ALLAHU AKBAR
      [19:29] <+Masada> ALLAHU AKBAR
      [19:30] <+Masada> ALLAHU AKBAR
    19. Masada
      [19:24] <+caketastydelish> in that case why wouldthey want to say he's dead? Wouldn't they wantpeople to still think he's alive so he can continue to discredit muslims?
      [19:25] <+Masada> The game was up
      [19:25] <+Masada> the CIA's goose was cooked
      [19:25] <+Masada> So they killed this Osama Bin Laden character and invented new ones
      [19:26] <+caketastydelish> what are the new ones?
      [19:26] <+Masada> this Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
      [19:26] <+Masada> the CIA has not been as successful with this second generation
      [19:27] <+Masada> they are not as interesting, no?
      [19:27] <+caketastydelish> it seems they'rerunning out of good names then. I think 'Osamabin-laden' sounds like a much better bad-guy namethen whatever the hell that is. A drunk five year old can do better than that.
      [19:27] <+Masada> Americans are all drunks and prostitutes and liars and thieves
      [19:27] <+Masada> this is the consequence of not having shariah law
    20. Masada
      [19:21] <+caketastydelish> I see
      [19:21] <+caketastydelish> well I'm on your side
      [19:21] <+caketastydelish> I know a mean guy that lives in america so I'm all for wiping them out
      [19:22] <+Masada> I don't want to wipe America out
      [19:22] <+Masada> I want it to submit to Islam
      [19:22] <+caketastydelish> ah, ok
      [19:22] <+Masada> You need to stop treating me like I'm this Osama Bin Laden fake
      [19:23] <+caketastydelish> yes you are a genuine supporter
      [19:23] <+Masada> Of what?
      [19:23] <+Masada> Al Qaida?
      [19:23] <+caketastydelish> so the day that he was killed brought tears to your eyes?
      [19:23] <+caketastydelish> yes of al qaida
      [19:23] <+Masada> No, that's a CIA plot to discredit Muslims
      [19:23] <+caketastydelish> what do you mean by that?
      [19:23] <+Masada> There was never such a man as Osama Bin Laden
      [19:23] <+Masada> the CIA invented Al Qaida to discredit Muslims
      [19:23] <+Masada> and to justify the ongoing occupation by the Zionists of Palestine
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