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Jan 23, 2021 at 2:31 PM
Jun 9, 2008
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Jul 19, 1991 (Age: 29)
Chicago, IL

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La Femme Moderne, 29, from Chicago, IL

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Jan 23, 2021 at 2:31 PM
    1. Masada
      [19:18] <+caketastydelish> I have a question for masada
      [19:18] <+Masada> shoot
      [19:18] <+caketastydelish> do you celebrate the attacks of september 11, 2001?
      [19:18] <+Masada> Yes
      [19:19] <+caketastydelish> and what is yourreason for this? Can't honestly say I'm surprised by your answer, though
      [19:19] <+Masada> I celebrate the pain of theAmerican people and the inevitable triumph of Islam and the Prophet (PBUH) over the Great Satan
      [19:19] <+Masada> ALLAHU AKBAR
      [19:19] <+Masada> ALLAHU AKBAR
      [19:19] <+Masada> ALLAHU AKBAR
      [19:19] <+caketastydelish> also you hate jews
      [19:19] <+Masada> No jews are people of the book
      [19:19] <+Masada> and should be accorded all protection
      [19:19] <+caketastydelish> but christians are not?
      [19:20] <+Masada> Yes
      [19:20] <+caketastydelish> america is a christian country so they are people of the book?
      [19:20] <+Masada> America is a secular country(have you not read the American Constitution) that kills Muslims
    2. Symphony D.
      Symphony D.
      Missed a good analogy with "It draws clear distinctions between shooting an element as you would a gun or a bow, and internalizing the lifestyle and way of thinking innate to the bending philosophy."

      Coulda put it more like "A gun doesn't make you a soldier, nor does a bow make you an archer. Tossing doesn't make you a bender."
    3. Takhisis
      Hey Owen! I have one more silly question.
      I have
      was: irregular verb in the simple past form acting as copulative.
      not: adverb of negation acting as adverbial adjunct of negation.
      my sister's adjectival phrase? acting as subjective complement.
      my: possessive adjective acting as determiner.
      sister's: possessive adjective acting as head?
      I'm not completely sure what category "my sister's" is as a whole and what "sister's" is.

      Do you have any idea how to go on from there?
    4. JohannaK
      Excuse me then. But without an expression of agreement I didn't know how to see it. :blush:
    5. Takhisis
      Eoghan, fiftychat beckons!
    6. Dachs
      I approve of Cromwell in all his forms.
    7. caketastydelish
      I know in my heart that I am not a bigot and am not prejudice against any color, creed, religion, gender, socio-economic background, etc, on this planet. Just because you falsely accuse me of such does not make it an accurate statement. Believe me, everyone that knows me in real life knows that I am not a prejudice person.
    8. caketastydelish
      You know good and well what you did. However, don't you worry; justice will prevail for the forces of good. :)
    9. caketastydelish
      I'm still holding a grudge against you. But justice will still come for my side, don't worry. :)
    10. hobbsyoyo
      Yeah I think so, I think you were calling someone out who mocked the movie for stupid reasons. Can't remember the specifics. I'm not sure it deserved Best Picture either, but it was still a great film and I my criticism was pretty narrow.
    11. hobbsyoyo
      Oh I'm sorry I got the impression that you had seen The Artist from a comment you made a while ago. My apologies. It's good, but too long in opinion. I haven't seen Elysium yet either. :(
    12. hobbsyoyo
      You didn't thrash my critique of The Artist. I was looking forward to it. :sad:
    13. Symphony D.
      Symphony D.
      Just saw Sips' shot. I cheered aloud. Hit'im while running with arc, damn.
    14. rugbyLEAGUEfan
    15. Perfectionist
      Re range, estimating very roughly from RZR it looks like a middle infielder with great range [Andrelton Simmons] is going to make a play on ~40 more balls than one with terrible range [Yuni Betancourt] over the course of a season. For an outfielder it looks like the difference between great and terrible is more like ~30-35, though presumably there are a lot more saved doubles in there.
    16. Deusselkerr
    17. hobbsyoyo
      I took latin in high school. Unfortunately, they cancelled the latin sections after that so I couldn't take the 2nd part I needed to graduate. Turns out it didn't matter because I dropped out anyways. :lol:

      Nah, I'm nowhere near good enough to be building for serious rockets just yet. Not with people on them anywho. I have been working on this thruster for the satellite team though. It's been a lot of fun but I screw up more than I accomplish anything. It's crazy how much more you learn from a couple of weeks in the lab versus months in-class.
    18. hobbsyoyo
      Very well I guess!
    19. Nuka-sama
      You never made your family. Why you hurt me like this
    20. hobbsyoyo
      How's life as a graduate treating you?
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    Jul 19, 1991 (Age: 29)
    Chicago, IL
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    [21:25] <+Anonymoose> You sure are. Like a cool cat. Cooler, perhaps. I shouldn't get hasty about it, but I'm pretty comfortable in saying that you're as cool as a cool cat, with a standard deviation of .3 cool points.