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    [We the People] Blackboard - Team and Supporter Communication

    Do you currently need any further graphics for units or buildings? I remember that I have created a lot of graphics for units/professions which never made it into the game.
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    Changing Cannons from Units to Professions [IMPLEMENTED]

    I appreciate that you will wait :goodjob: I had already finished the complete graphics for all nations (including veteran units) when I noticed that I'm not able to implement the bombard function. Then I threw all the stuff out of the release, but I should have all the files on my PC. I will do...
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    [We the People] Development "diary"

    Sounds great! Maybe I'll find the time to play it...
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    Adding more Yields? [IMPLEMENTED]

    @ ray: I would be happy to see them ingame and that you found a suitable use for it! I have currently no other ideas for them...
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    Experimenting with "Realistic Scaling of Units" ... [IMPLEMENTED]

    :thumbsdown: I currently just see cons. It looks very bad and you can no longer see the wonderful units in detail. Furthermore a lot of re-scaling would need to be done with ressources, buildings and other graphics. This would be an absolute no-go for me and I would stop playing the mod...
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    Some Ideas for Additional Civilizations

    There should not be implemented new Civs. We already have more than enough (European) nations in the game. More nations would ruin it...just my 2 cents
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    WTP and accepting donations / WTP becoming a commercial game

    If at some point in the future the team should actually decide to go this way, I would be out immediately and forever.
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    Cargo System Overhaul [OBSOLETE]

    We should have in mind that - if techs would be implemented as well - different kind of ships might be required for several ages, e.g. for early and mid game. That means not only 3 but 6 or 9 new ships might be required.
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    Cargo System Overhaul [OBSOLETE]

    That will not happen, I assume we will use the ships which are already implemented. Maybe only one or two to close a gap if required.
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    Cargo System Overhaul [OBSOLETE]

    Interesting question. Maybe would make it too complex? Maybe we would only mix goods?
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    Changing Cannons from Units to Professions [IMPLEMENTED]

    @raystuttgart If you want to implement this feature let me know. If it does not need to be finished asap...
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    Cargo System Overhaul [OBSOLETE]

    I like the idea. However, if the cargo system would be modified - would it be possible to place different goods into one cargo slot? Would be great. If I remember correctly other mods already using this feature.
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    [We the People] Blackboard - Team and Supporter Communication

    Hi guys, I will take a summer break from modding for several months from now. This has several reasons: - I am currently very busy at work and have hardly any free time. - Summer is coming and the time from May to September is for other activities than always sitting at the PC. - There are so...
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    Adding Terrain "Lake" [IMPLEMENTED]

    I do not see any real benefit of that. We should focus on more important features. I'm not against it, but I would not support regarding buttons or terrain graphics.
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