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Apr 29, 2012
Jul 5, 2011
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September 16
Manhattan Project, United States

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Warlord, from Manhattan Project, United States

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Apr 29, 2012
    1. SouthernKing
    2. SouthernKing
    3. SouthernKing
      Placeholder avatars FTW :p
    4. BSmith1068
      Can you PM me the list of past winners (nations) for the football league in IBR? I'll give them their culture bonus...
    5. Tambien
      It wasn't so bad. It was family, so they weren't so messy. Intrestingly enough, both were on the same day. ;) We had breakfast for my grandma, and dinner for my younger sibling. :D
    6. SouthernKing
      Mech suggested it :p
    7. Tambien
      Thats ok! I understand. I had 2 B-day parties+cleaning at my house this weekend.
    8. GroundedSausage
      Back to the thread Seron! We kinda need ya ;P
    9. Tambien
      Uh... I dunno. But, here is an idea for your backstory....

      House Seron
      Leader: Darius Seron
      City of Residence: Ataparsa
      Backstory: Darius Seron is a trader born in the border town of Ataparsa. He has a long and distingushed history of money making, and he plans to continue this habit throughout his rise in Persia. He is ready to become a major figure, and it is likely he will succeed.

      OOC: and add anything esle you feel appropriate.
    10. Tambien
      here are some questions to help:

      Where do you want to live?(border town, capital, farmville, etc)

      What backrground do you want to come from?(farmer, trader, explored, etc)
    11. Tambien
      So, when do you plan on joining? I suggest making up your backstory before you join.
    12. Tambien
      Yay! New bloo- family!
    13. Tambien
    14. Tambien
      You should join GaP.
    15. Red_Spy
      If this is for Dot80's game, I specifically wrote it so that it doesn't come out and say his political views, but instead for something for people to think about.
    16. Omega124
      No, we are brothers and sisters in the revolution.
    17. Tambien
      I told you it would happen. :D
    18. Tambien
      I Updated. :D
    19. Tambien
      Thanks. :D

      I try to introduce people to the amazingness of IOTs as much as I can.
    20. Tambien
      Hi Seron! Ever heard of IOTs?
      "Imperium Offtopicum is often defined as "an empire-building game" that spawned from the Altered Maps threads. It has had many, many variations, but generally speaking: you create or take over a nation of your choice, you expand a little at a time, you can engage in war and diplomacy and conquer the world, and the overall goal is fun."
      You should join my new Mini-IOT: Terranova.


      If you reply reply on my profile so I will be notified of the reply.

      @Civ'ed: Why did I never get that link! The site is pretty cool. :D
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    September 16
    Manhattan Project, United States
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    • Remake (2008)
    Reading,Axis and Allies,Star Wars,Stamp Collecting,Computer Games,Especially City and Civilization Building Ones


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