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Jan 7, 2021
Nov 11, 2010
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South Africa

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Prince, from South Africa

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Jan 7, 2021
    1. Luckymoose
      Don't forget about the Moralist social group.
    2. Jehoshua
      Just go to page 141 (the last update) check the front page to find a nation you can join, and Bob's your uncle you can pick a nation and start from there. ;)
    3. Jehoshua
    4. JohannaK
      Dear ShadowNX, I invite you to join the Commerce Guild for American Supremacy (or just the Guild) in Land of the Free, a kind-of-sequel to AMPU
    5. Jehoshua
      don't you go opting out now...
    6. Jehoshua
      VOTE: in the Church of Mazda social group (conclave thread) on the High Priestly election.
    7. Jehoshua
      You might like to have your say on the Church of Mazda social group about the excommunication question.
    8. Jehoshua
      oh, and for the record FN got the message from Civleader (roman leader Hector) as well.
    9. Jehoshua
      :lol:, classy wasn't it :p

      I have to say it was quite succesful and I could of kept it going if I was awake at the time (australian time-zone) by dragging it back on topic.
    10. Jehoshua
      No, I can just do what Christos does better than he can ;)
    11. Jehoshua
      I think I'm just going to sit back and watch them bicker in the macedonian naming dispute thread. :lol:
    12. juKar-C
      Yeah I see, well I guess I will join you ShadowNX but I might not be very active, you can make all the decisions lol
    13. juKar-C
      Just been busy recently, GaP got boring for me....still on hiatus lol. I checked the Dawn of Nation but I'm confused at how the game will be played
    14. Jehoshua
      got the message and the dialogue is finished. The result should be good for the game I thinks.

      On another matter in another game. You should probably do some RP story thing about Egypt in DLN, like I did for Japan. It is an RP/diplo game so RP is a big factor. It would be good for you to continue getting the ball rolling.
    15. Jehoshua
      What is your opinion on the message I sent to you about constructions.
    16. Ceskari
      Social Group for Communist Party is created. Invite only, must join to view content. I will figure out how to invite you!
    17. Jehoshua
      ah, he's changed it before I sent a message to him (probably foresaw protestation). All good :)
    18. Jehoshua
      don't vote teh constitution proposal unless he changes the thing about the one Satrapy of Persepolis. it will destroy any position of satrap but the Kings for the time being and make the position rather too powerful.
    19. Jehoshua
      Actually I have a good idea. How about the widow of Saro who is the sister of Cyrus Artaparsi (Maliheh Artaparsi Sayeh) announces the arrangement of the cousins Dariush and Katya immediately after the introductions. She can perhaps of worked it out with her brother (Cyrus) after the death of Saro as a way to strengthen the house of Artaparsi and incorporate the line of King Saro into her birth-family.

      If you think this is a good idea, I will do the introductions leaving a little cliffhanger for you to bring about the coup-de-grace.
    20. Jehoshua
      Thats what I was thinking about, and also I was wondering if you had anything in mind to fit in the arranged marriage and the reception (after all Cyrus is in Persepolis so if we are to RP it, we require a fix to that dislocation)
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    Saro Sayeh, 3rd King of the Persian Empire (GaP)
    Comrade ShadowNX of the Communist Party of America (MPU)
    Pharaoh Shewetankhamon of Egypt in Dawn Of The Lost Nations (DLN)

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