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  • You can't move all the time sadly.
    I just realized I have lived in 18 different homes in the last 18 years.
    My new landlord: "You need to know this is a short term contract: 2.5 years." Short term you bet :lol:

    Anyways, drama :o
    Oh, it's Tachy.:)

    AGG/PRO. Yeah. My precious makes me PRO.
    And since I am isolated from civ, I am totally Toku, in a way.

    Which reminds me that I haven't posted my Deity isolation victory date and condition saves and screenies. It's 1620AD (T234?) Galleons/Tanks/Airships/Fighters/Bombers/Carriers/Battleships conquest which is like best game evah from me.
    I would understand this time if you say perversion. Getting a 37% GEngineer is perversion with all the stacking up fortune when you tried...how many times did you try before getting one?
    This time I am half-serious. (If I'm full, I can be worse than STW) I admit the root of my frustration stems from my SGOTM team. Doesn't seem to correlate, but it has some correlation.
    No, not just you. Gkey's refusal to give advices, BIC's so enthused it looks fake or something worse, my small friendly request to bcool to give me advices and still no answer (such is my team overall everyday), etc. Other hidden stacking frustrations...

    Also have an high AI iParanoid possibly...
    Again. AZ decided to take its chance with his vulture (singular) to take Izzy's capital in a similar opportunistic move (it didn't work though), he still would be a hero for everyone if he won.
    I do the same, I'm the prey for ridicule, I'm the worst player and disgusting at the same time. Gee.

    I know my move wasn't the most fair, but that is why I pushed the bar earlier to make it harder.
    Anyways, since two days, that game was a loss to me. It didn't bring exactly the original intent.

    Worldbuilder, gee, that was pretty low given I constantly praise you everywhere in the forum.
    Ok, you have won. I made a mistake to pursue after my ultraluck.
    That would explain my thread is dying and I get no more comments.
    I think I have to restart the whole process with a different approach...hmmm...I have a glimpse of an idea. Will still finish to bring Arabia to the stars, but I'll something else in parallel...

    Oh, I was thinking you had suddenly contempt at me and that made me really sad. I have enough of my team's contempt...
    Uh? mabraham agun. Always him, uh? :lol:

    Well, it's unraveled long ago. We did it at the same time. There's no more mystery to it now. Now, how to implement in practice, well, only extended experience can help because so many factors/priorities are to be taken.

    I put my my writeup about it in the noobie question thread in Civ4 discussion.
    If you're really interested, I shall point it out.

    EDIT: Ha, it's a quote! Well, fun to gainsay myself. I clearly recall this and I am really surprised you remember. Ok, I'll link it.
    Haha, a rival team member has noticed more than one of former team members.
    Don't care about medals as I'm the instigator of this.
    AlanH never does mistakes. Explanations will stop here.
    Wow, I have a tendency to screw things up.

    Just look at my profile.

    BTW, your PM was utmost creepy. Just what I like most.
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