• Paradox Games has announced today their new game “Millennia”, a semi-historical turn-based 4X game. Find out more here .
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  • What the hell man? You're too reasonable.

    I'm still taking credit for noticing you before everyone else. This is probably because you were from NorCal and we would argue the same position in whatever threads randomly turned into "Causes for the Yankee War of Aggression" threads.
    I don't want to use up my weekly ration of infractions

    You have a weekly ration? Does this mean moderators are like kill bots and if are sent waves and waves of trolls shut done once they reach their hardcoded limit?

    Inquiring minds want to know.
    It was taken about 1954 at my grandfathers summer house in northern WI, My mother, brother, two sisters and me are in it. The tallest girl is a friend of my sisters'.
    Think Hygro's referring to the fact that OT moderators have tended to post less once they become moderators.
    I just want to thank you for finally putting that Egyptian thread to rest.
    Its a bunch of slackers hanging out in the cafeteria who like to whine when they get busted for a food fight.

    Well said. good sir.
    Not everybody is a bulletheaded flamewarrior. :hatsoff: There's too few sane people like you left on OT...:p
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